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From: "bobcatpath #"
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 18:39:34 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41921] re: replying to the forum
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hello Kalle

very interesting intro-welcome
and good luck with your letter press endeavors

i happen to live in a tiny town which contains a branch of the university of Maine
this campus just hosted a two week "book and paper and letter press intensive"
with the top folks in these fields from all over

perhaps if you contacted the art dept head.
Bernie Vinzani
who is a well known paper maker and artist
and organized the intensive

i am sure he would be happy to know of your project and
perhaps could connect you with others

write to :
Bernie Vinzani, art dept
University of Maine at Machias
13 O'brien Ave
Machias ME 04654 USA

his email MIGHT be not sure of that

about your attempts to "reply" to the forum digest

i have found it best to do what i just did now
and compose a new , separate, email to

hitting reply does not work i think because
the tail is too long ;-)

Gillyin in Maine

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