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From: "Maria Arango Diener"
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 16:27:10 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41860] Re: press wheel question
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Thanks everyone!
Good suggestions all. Yes, I best look at some alternatives before
destroying metal things.
Perhaps I'll just "man-up" and keep working the way I do now. It's not
impossible, just a bit irritating when doing more than a few prints and I'm
getting ready to finish printing some of my large blocks. Maybe I just need
to clear out more space around the press.

I know Whelan has a smaller wheel for their smaller presses, maybe they can
provide me with a star wheel.
Time to try the phone...where IS that annoying thing? LOL



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Subject: Quick update ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

I'll have block images, etc. from the new print - the Sukenobu reproduction - for you shortly, as I am now in the final stages of 'touch up' carving.

But there has been a short interruption (where have you heard that before!), and it might be interesting to mention it here.

I was reading my Japan Times at breakfast the other day as usual, and it was the day for their weekly feature in which they focus on some kind of 'interesting' person in Tokyo. I've been featured there more than once over the years, and this time it was one Mr. Urushibara. I didn't read it all, but quickly skimmed over the beginning section; he seemed an interesting person - born in England to Japanese parents long before the war - who has made a life as cultural interpreter and translator.

After I finished the newspaper, I went down to the workshop, fired up the webcam, and got busy with the carving. The computer down there is also doing an automatic 'mail check', in case anything important comes in during the day, and when I scanned over the list of emails at break time, I noticed a Google Alert: woodblock printmaking.

Funny, it was pointing to that same story in the Japan Times! But that person hadn't been a woodblock printmaker, had he?

I followed the link to the online version of the story, and instantly regretted how carelessly I had skimmed it while eating breakfast. Mr. Urushibara isn't just Mr. Urushibara. He . . .
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Subject: Late Alberta Peaches
Posted by: Robert Simola

4"x8" pear wood block on Somerset paper with Graphic Chemical ink.
Embossed and hand colored.

Adding a little veridian green to brown seems to result in a black print rather than a greenish-brown print. It looked the way I wanted it too when I pulled the prints, but they dried black. I wonder if adding some extender will give me the effect I want.

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