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From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 16:14:08 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41803] Re: A CAUTIONARY TALE - THE FOLLOW UP.
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Dan, border crossings can be interesting. This spring when we came
back from Mexico we had an experience. Towing a fifth wheel with a
little dog made our crossing different than before. The dog was no
problem, the dog food was. I had not thought about what was in my
refrigerator and when they asked about fruit I declared my oranges,
knowing we were coming into California. Who would know that eggs and
potatoes can not be brought in to the US from Mexico??? Anything that
has pork in it that is NOT COOKED must be thrown out. The hot dogs
that were very ready for the garbage had been bought at the Costco
store in the U.S. and toted all around. They had NO LABEL so were put
into the trash along with a few ends and pieces of bacon. We had been
traveling a few weeks so most was pretty old anyway, except the dog
food. The saddest part about having food taken from you is that they
put it all into a grinder and grind it up and throw it out. While we
waited at the border to cross back into the states we saw a man with
one leg on crutches selling gum and if we had known they would take
our food he would have been given all of it. My husband asked if they
donated the food for poor Mexican families and he was told the
liability was too great. Hey no, as far as I know liability law suits
in Mexico are rare, we sure are stupid. The officials were not rude,
but stern and acted like we had committed the crime of the century and
that we should know that we can't bring eggs or potatoes into the
U.S. Now we have a list and next time we won't have any problems.

We have booked our flight to Europe Sept. 12 to Oct 12. LA, Paris,
Amsterdam and than we are on our own for 30 days or so. Harry in
England, hope we get your way to say hello. More border crossings and
my husband who is wanted by the FBI will be pulled aside for double
checking. (of course it is not him but someone with his name) If you
have a common name you could be on the list too. I got him what is
called a redress number, hope we don't get pulled aside this time.
Taking a small sketch book and a journal, will share when we get
home. Anyone else over there want who wants to get in touch?

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Message 2
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 18:27:14 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41804] Woodblock prints by John Severson
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These are interesting woodblock prints by John Severson, for surfers and
Surfer Art

Carol Lyons

Digest Appendix

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over the past 24 hours ...

Subject: Mystique Series - first batch of the Hasui print is done ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

There certainly hasn't been much time this past week to sit around posting to this RoundTable; with 130 sheets of paper in the stack, nearly 20 impressions on the design, and the thermometer rarely going below 30C, even at night, it has been a question of 'every minute counts'.

But last night saw the final (embossing) impression, and the stack is now dried, trimmed, and ready for inspection and signing. And yes, it is still a kick - even after all these years - to have them all in a stack like this ... before they fly off around the world to their new homes!

I should perhaps mention something about the sizing - after all, this is the first time I have ever made a batch of prints on paper that I sized myself. The results were mixed. One the one hand, the experience was very positive - the paper printed very nicely, was completely stable through the entire process, and was very receptive to the pigments. But there were a couple of negatives: one was that the lack of sizing on the back side of the sheets (this was my choice) meant that I constantly had to use a protective sheet under the baren, and this is big nuisance when doing a lot of printing. The second problem was the inconsistency from sheet to sheet, due completely to my inexperience at brushing the sizing onto the paper.

So next time I'll have a go at doing 'both . . .
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Subject: Photos From the Loo Show
Posted by: Annie B

The opening of my show of woodblock prints at The Loo Gallery at Dreamaway Lodge was wonderful. Here are a few photos.
The lovely and romantic Dreamaway Lodge
Me and Lynn in our party dresses

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Subject: Little Purple Octopus
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

I found this little guy online (Facebook I think).  He's just too kewt.

I had to do something with him.  I've come up with this (I cut and pasted the little guy on my cartoon for convenience sake).

I'm thinking I'll carve two blocks -- background and everything else -- and see how that goes.

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Subject: An Italian Green Man
Posted by: Robert Simola

8"x12" hand colored wood block print on BFK Rives paper.

This print is for an upcoming exhibit, "Who Do We Think We Are?" at the Studios on the Park in Paso Robles. This is my first print using Swiss pear wood for the block. I have been looking for pear wood for years, and now I have a five to ten year supply. It is denser than cherry and carves beautifully because it holds a line superbly and cleanly. After using it for this print, I can understand why it is the preferred wood for block prints.

On a personal note, I only have to become a toxic chemical dump three more times! Life is good.

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