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Message 1
From: Lee Churchill
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 13:50:35 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41617] Online exhibit
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Thanks Dave!
My browser makes a complete hash of the kanji but I was able to open the links - some beautiful work!
I appreciate you sending it along.

From: David Bull
>A couple of years back (message 37222) I posted a link to an online
>exhibition of the Nippon Hangain, one of the 'art societies' here in
>Japan. Today I received a copy of the catalogue to their 60th
>exhibition, and it is full of interesting stuff.
>So I went online to see if these prints are viewable, but it seems not
>yet - their website still has the images from _last year's_ show. But
>I realized that I never sent you _that_ link, so here it is:
>(The grid of 40-odd names at the top right of the page links to each
>person's work)
>The people's names are all in Japanese, but you can extract their
>actual name from the end of each URL ...
>I have no idea if this will be staying online, as the current show has
>just ended, and presumably will be going online shortly, perhaps
>replacing this page.
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Message 2
From: Guadalupe Victorica
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 14:21:59 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41618] V52 #5308 (Jul 15, 2010) Dave exhibit web page
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Dave. The page is very nice , I could see some prints that are awesome. Do they have an English version so that I can see the names of the authors?
Saludos from méxico, Guadalupe

Dra. Guadalupe Victorica
Tercer Convocatoria Internacional Grabados por la Paz México 2010

Segunda Colectiva Internacional de Grabado 2010

Third International Prints for Peace 2010, Second International Printmaking Collective 2010
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Message 3
From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 16:34:37 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41619] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V52 #5308 (Jul 15, 2010)
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Is not the definition of a print something that is transfered from one
surface to another? A watercolor painter paints onto the paper, they
do not transfer an image from one surface to another. Cressida
Campbell is transferring her images from a piece of wood to a piece of
paper. The result than must be a print, not a painting. The work
painted onto the woodblock would be painting, but the transfer would
be a print. Her work is indeed lovely. I took printmaking because of
how exciting it is to lay a piece of paper onto an image and pull it
up to see exactly what the image will be. It is always a thrill to
pull a print, even when one has painted the surface rather than
rolling it or brushing it, etc. Every year I get a spurt of energy
and grab my water based pigments and paint on plexy and pull a print,
usually one print. As a painter/printmaker it is fun to combine both
skills and this artist is doing an outstanding job of doing just that!

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Message 4
From: cjchapel #
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 20:45:18 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41620] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V52 #5307 (Jul 14, 2010)
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As a resident of the Pac. NW I want to adjust a misperception of our
humidity. Most of our humidity is in the form of rain - 100%. But for
instance, now, in the summer, in Western Oregon, it's 85 degrees with
34% humidity. We get most of our rain during one season. Summers are

But then there is the winter...
C. Chapel

You are invited to:

Then I drew and painted all through grammar school. For me, the high
point of the day was when the paints came out. Richard Diebenkorn
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Message 5
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 20:55:45 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41621] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V52 #5307 (Jul 14, 2010)
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Yes, but it is good for block printing! I love living here! Our humidity is
nothing! The real humidity is in Galveston.... you cannot breath it is so bad at
times, one needs gills to live there.
My best to all,
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Message 6
From: "Maria Arango Diener"
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 21:52:23 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41622] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V52 #5307 (Jul 14, 2010)
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All a matter of perspective, I guess.

We just had a bout of "muggy" weather for the start of our "monsoon" season,
105-110 F and a whopping and very sticky 15% humidity. This week we are
heading into the 115-120 F (gulp) range but, thank goodness, it's going to
be a "dry heat." Completely inhabitable for man and beast, but dry 'nuff at
around 4-6%.

During our "monsoon" season we have been showered with exactly-let me look
it up-oh yeah, ZERO rainfall. I do remember two clouds passing by the other
day as I sweated my a$$ off on the way to pick up the mail and there seemed
to be six dust drops on my truck's windshield one fine morning in
June...aaaah, those were the days.only 100 F then.

"Dry" my eyeball.

Maria, all in jest :-)



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Subject: Psalm 20
Posted by: Daniel L. Dew

This was one of those Psalms that I could not wait to get to!

Since I have read the Psalms many times, I knew what I thought I wanted to do with this piece for a long time.
I focused in on verse 7:
"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God."
Actually laying it out and designing it though was another matter!
Who would or could have imagined that drawing a tire with a flat would be so hard?

Because I wanted the viewer to see it from a specific angle, I must have drawn and re-drawn that tire a million times. Still it didn't look the way I wanted it to

Then I had an idea (I know, a rarity for me).
I asked a friend of mine who's daughter had a Mercedes if he could help me out. Luckily he was into the idea.
So, without his daughter knowing about it, we snatched her car in the early morning light!
Drove it up to a nearby gas station, and let all the air out of the tire unto a small Styrofoam ring I had gotten.
Took a bunch of pictures from a bunch of angles, re-inflated the tire and snuck the car back home.
She never knew!

Then of course when the print was done I showed it to her. "I have a car just like that!".
I know.
So, here is the print (and yes, I noticed that boo boo in the spoke, it is now fixed for any future prints):

One of the things you may not notice right off the bat is that I got just a little crazy with the cross-hatching. I wanted to see how small and intricate I could get, kinda like a personal challenge. Here are some close ups of the final printed image:

[Long item has been trimmed at this point. The full blog entry can be viewed here]

This item is taken from the blog A Psalm Quest.
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