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Subject: Paleo-Seahorse Print
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

My pinto-patterned paleo-seahorse, printed at last.

I like the colors, yellow ochre and burnt sienna.  The darker color accent is tapped on with the tiniest little hanga brush, rather like a stencil brush.

I can see where I could carve a little more around darker elements, a la white line printmaking, but I'd really like to be done with this block for awhile.

The watersoluable inks are so dry in this beastly heat.  I'm continually adding water to the ink between prints.  The Pacific Northwest begins to look really attractive for its continual humidity.  ;- j  It's almost enough to drive me back to oil based inks.  At least they stay workable through a whole print run.

Oh well, just something else to work around.

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