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From: l k
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 01:55:50 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41602] Re: Chicago-Woman Made Gallery opening-tonight
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I did finally make it down to the opening...lots of car time for me.
(SO sorry I missed you, Elizabeth.)
I've been all over her website, and was thrilled to be able to see one of her prints in person!
It's a good show.
One of the things that impresses me about that gallery is their ability to hang a strong show...this one had a wide range of work, and I liked how they rearranged the gallery show space.

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Subject: Dream Job
Posted by: Annie B

I first discovered American Public Media's "Speaking of Faith" broadcast through an internet search for podcasts about Islam back in 2008 when I was working on my Mecca print. Since then, "Speaking of Faith" (SoF) has been a constant companion in my studio as I've listened, sometimes more than once, to archived interviews with well-known individuals such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Karen Armstrong, and Sharon Saltzberg as well as topical shows that delve into the complex intersections between science, religion, politics and ethics that are at play in our world. It would not be an overstatement to say that there's a little bit of "Speaking of Faith" in each of my prints.

So imagine my delight when SoF's online editor Trent Gillis contacted me (via Twitter, no less) with a proposal to collaborate. Right now, SoF is looking for words and/or pictures about your relationship to the land & the deeper meanings in that relationship. Here's a SoF blog post that offers a link to a series of videos from the Maine Farmland Trust as an inspiration and prompt. Trent writes this about the short films:
I?m hoping these films prompt you to think about your relationships ? to the land, to your family, to your . . .
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Subject: Two-tone Paleo-Seahorses
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Ok, so I printed up some paleo-seahorses today.  First I've printed since I recarved the block.  I like this a lot better.  Now I can forget about it for awhile.  It's been haunting me to get it printed.

I did the first print (upper right in this shot) in yellow ochre with burnt sienna tapped in.  Need to order more yellow ochre, so for the other three I mixed yellow and burnt sienna for the base color, with burnt sienna tapped in.  I think I did a pretty good job of matching.

Now I can move on to something else.  Anything else.  ;-j

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Subject: Open Studio Hours
Posted by: Alynn Guerra

Now it is official: I'm opening my studio to the public on Mondays and Fridays from Noon to 6 PM.I kept telling people about this, but posting it on my website is going to make it look more credible.All of my prints and printed stuff are available for purchase, the other good news is that I can now take credit card payments.For more information please follow the link to my website.

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