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From: Plannedscapes #
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 13:37:17 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41599] Re: luan
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The trouble with luan is not just the surface layer, which has a hardness
and texture you can learn to work with, but the middle layer. Luan is
designed to be used for things like door panels where a thin good looking outer
surface is given strength by an inner layer that is often compressed
particles glued together. It is often used as underlayment for soft flooriing
due to the smoothness of the outer layer.
The consistency of that inner layer of glued crumbles can be . . .
inconsistent . . . so that there are loose portions or even gaps in there.
So if your carving has large areas and simple shapes, you will be fine and
the relative smoothness of the outer layer makes a good flat area for
But if you are carving intricate detail, where parts of the design 'float'
from other parts, say, the middle of a petaled flower or beans in a pod,
if the compressed center layer is a bit loose there, that 'floating' part
will just fall away.
Or if you are carving parts with small long thin portions, like, say, the
petals of that flower or the thin wall of that bean pod, the wood can break
where the grain crosses the carving so that it falls away from both the
inner composite of crumbles-glued-together and the outer wood layer.
You can avoid 'floating' elements in your printing surface so that each
part is connect to the larger whole of that outer layer by designing your
artwork with that goal. The flower petals would 'bleed' onto the middle and
the beans would 'bleed' onto the pod so that every part is connected to
other parts.
And you can plan for how that outer layer breaks easily along the grain
but not across it by design by making elements that cross the grain wider. A
flower would have wider petals where they cross the grain and the bean pod
would have the thin pod edges to along the grain, for example.
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From: Elizabeth Busey
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 16:26:59 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41600] Re: Chicago-Woman Made Gallery opening-tonight
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I'm sorry I missed you at the opening. My family and I were there early (I
have a piece in the show as well called Highways of Life) and we needed to make
the long drive back to Bloomington, IN.

I so enjoyed seeing your piece in person. Up close, the colors are so vibrant
and yet they harmonize so well together. In your rustic frame, it felt a bit
like we were viewing a portrait of an old family member.

To any other Bareners in the Chicago area, it is worth a trip to see the galley
filled with different types of printmaking!
Elizabeth Busey

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Subject: Robo-Spam?
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Does anyone know what to do about these strange comments I keep getting?  Are these robo-responses or something?  I run them thru and usually get garbage back, so I don't think there's an actual person on the other end.

?? said...



Virtuous forest said? If meets. You will feel the dear friend. Then. One custom named accompanies; If accompanies. You will feel treasure. Then. One kind of happy named existence! ..................................................................

Any suggestions?

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Subject: The Saga of Psalm 19
Posted by: Daniel L. Dew

Where do I start?
Probably one of the most difficult Psalms for me to illustrate, it literally took me weeks to conceive, create, recreate, revise, redraw, and finally get happy. Then I made the mistake of asking others what they thought of the design! So, more drawing, designing, etc.....

This was the final design below I decided to go with,but as you can see, many areas were totally undecided.

Then came the decision, how do I carve this dreamscape?

I think I wound up redrawing the lines about5 times before I even came close to figuring out
how I wanted to carve.(I always attempt to draw my images in pen as I
plan carve them in wood).

Here is the idea and final image side by side:

On to the illumination!

I really had fun with the designing of this motif! I will just go ahead and show you the designs of the decorative initial and illumination and let you decide if it works:

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