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From: "Ellen Shipley"
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 17:16:28 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41523] Re: WARNING: Art Phishing Scam
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Wow Carol, that's scary. Thanx for the warning and concrete example of what to beware of.

Ellen Shipley

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Subject: Support Group, again
Posted by: Sharri

I wasn't real happy with the first version of Support Group, so I've tried one with more white space.  I'm still not a hundred percent, but maybe this version will grow on me.  Suggestions are welcome - including, redraw the main image.  I'm still planning to work more with this idea in a different format  and a bit larger.  The next one will include carving and probably be mainly woodblock, since it will be part of my "recuperation project # 1".  If not wholly woodcut, then maybe the color blocks with a solarplate for the line.  As you can see, this is still rolling around in the little gray cells.

       It reminds me of the metal garden sculpture I lost last night: it was made of cut outs of leaves and was spherical.  I accidently kicked it, just the tiniest bit, and off it went, down the incline, weaving its way between the Japanese forest grass, and down between more plants - any one of which could have stopped this thing - across the flagstaff path, between two large shrubs and then it was really off and running down the embankment, between cedar and fir trees, over the vinca minor, and through the horsetails and ferns and now it is lost.  I went as far down the hill as I could with a bad knee and in Berkinstock sandals which only go ahead, not back or sideways.  The further I got down the hill and the closer to the creek the more tangled the undergrowth became, so I had no choice but to climb back up.  This is not easy when one keeps sliding out of ones shoes.  Now I'm looking for someone with a metal detector, or will wait until fall, when the lost sphere, in its rusted glory, will  probably become very obvious.  Sigh.

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