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Subject: Teen Ninja
Posted by: Andrew Stone

Teen Ninja
Sumi on Shin Torinoko
Moku Hanga woodblock

My Pre-teen son, Alex; realizing that there might be money to be made!?! Asked if he could make a print (with hopes of eventual sales of prints next to the lemonade stand?).

This is what he produced. He followed my advice to keep his design simple and easy to carve and he did a pretty good job with the U and V gouges. We printed up a few on some Shin torinoko to see how they'd come out and here it is. I really like it.

I suggested a midnight blue background and red eyes but I think he's moved on....he's looking up rockets and stink bombs on the internet...
I better go hide the matches.

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Subject: Saturday Night Special
Posted by: d. moll,

Be sure to read to the end, there's a give-away you can enter!

Today when I got home from the Farmer's Market I was mugged by two bunnies wearing rabbit masks.

They held me up at bun point and took the green stuff right out of my bag .

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