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From: Andrew Stone
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 07:26:05 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41241] new wood
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The scraper or feeder or bottom trawler seems to have missed my last few woodblock related posts.

In my last entry I wondered about the effect staring at a blank or new block has on stimulating new ideas and currents. (I bought a new plank of wood at the lumber yard).

And in my penultimate entry I wrote about the dilemma that this part-time artist has when new ideas come in faster than I can work out or finish or fully exhaust old ones.
What to do next when one's time is limited? Work on filling in and trying to finish up old themes or charge on ahead with a new direction when it's fresh and seems energizing?

I welcome thoughts, comments and advice particularly regarding the second subject.
Andrew Stone
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Message 2
From: Aine Scannell
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 11:24:48 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41242] Question Please re WOOD INTAGLIO
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I would like to make a print using wood though not using the relief method.
I have searched the internet but unfortunately have not found any helpful
So I thought I would try the Baren forum. I have looked on the archive but
again just fleeting references.

What I was wondering was after you scribe the lines, to make the grooves for
the ink to collect in - once you "ink up" the plate

How do you wipe it sufficiently to leave only a small amount of "plate
tone" ?

The test one I did came out more or less the same weight of colour of the
incised lines and therefore not satisfactory in terms of differentiation, as
in delineated figurative forms on a background (showing a light suggestion
of wood grain).

Is there something that you add to the ink to make the ink easier to wipe
most of it away?

I would really appreciate peoples thoughts/experience on this.

Thank you

Aine Scannell

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Subject: Design Festa ... wrapup
Posted by: Dave Bull

Today is a 'recovery' day ... after getting home from the weekend spent downtown at the Design Festa.

Here's the Tokyo Big Sight, the gigantic convention centre where the event was held:

I forgot to snap a shot before beginning the setup work, but remembered a few minutes later. I had rented a 'mini-booth', which is exactly one tatami mat in size, along with a back panel. I got a 'bonus' in that my neighbour had rented a side panel, and didn't mind if I used my side of it (technically against the convention rules).

People lined up waiting for the doors to open, and once the clock hit opening time, it just went nuts. Tens and tens of thousands of people came through the place over the two days, in what was pretty much a non-stop river that streamed by our booths (nearly 3,000 booths, and an estimated 60,000+ attendees ...).

I had no chance to take pictures, shoot any video, get food, take bathroom breaks ... nothing. I stood up and grabbed this single shot, during a momentary break in the flow:

(It's interesting that although driving in Japan is on the left like Britain, people walk down aisles like this on the right, so they saw my images on the side panel as they came in my direction ...)

How did it go? Mixed - I sold a pile of the little postcard-size print that I had on display, enough to pay the show expenses, etc., but made no additions to the subscriber list. That was pretty much to be expected I think, as there simply was no chance for quiet conversation with people. But around 800 pamphlets walked away over the two days, so perhaps there will be a bit of 'after effect' later; we'll see.

It was a lot of fun, but now I have to get back to the waiting blocks. The next pair of prints (#3 #4) has to be carved, proofed, and printed (at least the first batch of 120 or so) before I head off to Canada on June 4th for my parents' 60th anniversary reunion. And that's only 2 1/2 weeks away ... The stuffed email Inbox is going to have to wait a little bit longer ...

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