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From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 17:48:59 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41194] collagraph question
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Has anyone done a collagraph for an exchange?? It is stated they are
acceptable. Are their specific requirements they need to have???
Because to me collagraphs are not cut from wood but rather made like a
collage with various materials and they can be inked either similar to
an etching or rolled like one does with oil based woodblock. Am
considering doing one but want to be sure I do not violate the rules
for the exchange. Also one could combine processes, carving part of
the image and than adding collage materials. What are the restrictions?

Marilynn Smith

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Subject: Paleo-Seahorse - Cartoon with Color
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Playing around with cartoons today.  Something like this.  The paleo-seahorse definitely needs more visual interest.

To make the cartoon I took a scan of the block and played with it in Paint Shop Pro.

  I greyed it, increased contrast and made a negative image.

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Posted by: Diane Cutter

'The Wonder of It All' ~ 'Lo maravilloso de todo'
Reduction Woodcut ~ Grabado en madera
6" x 4" ~ 15 cm x 10 cm
Ink/Tinta:  Daniel Smith / Handschy 
Paper/Papel:  Arches 88

After years of being a scuba instructor, I'd never done anything with divers in it... so I took this opportunity with a Baren relief print exchange, the only rules being that it be a three color reducton relief print on paper sized 10"x7.5".  I tried to express that moment when the new diver is overtaken by the wonder of the experience, now fearless, ready to let go of the instructor's hand.  I apologize to responsible divers everywhere as the other two are not very good buddies, a little too far apart but it was necessary for the composition... 

A reduction print is created from one piece of wood. Since I didn't want any white, the first color pass was not cut into at all. Then, for the violet, all the water area was cut away, the wood was inked and registered on top of the solid turquoise. For the last color, all divers, fish, and most of the reef were cut away, the wood was inked and registered on top of the previous two colors. 

We printmakers fondly use the term 'suicide print' for this method since it is so easy to cut too much or, much worse, start with a set edition number in mind and come out with only a few that are properly registered. Because I needed 31, I started with 51 and ended with 43 that I'm proud of... The others are in my 'circular file', better known as the waste basket.

Despues de anos de ser instructora de buceo, nunca habia hecho nada con buzos en mi arte...  entonces tome esta oportunidad con un intercambio de Baren, las unicas reglas siendo que sea un grabado en relieve de reduccion de tres colores en papel tamano 25cm por 19 cm.  Quise expresar aquel momento en cuando el novato esta tan encantado por la maravilla de la experiencia, ya sin . . .
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