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From: Jan Kellett
Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 16:13:35 GMT
Subject: [Baren 41192] Re: Trouble posting-Blanche Lazzell
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After some posting troubles, I hope this one will get through.
I am a book artist, making mainly miniature books, and have used
various methods of reproducing images in the books including screen
printing, pochoir and polymer plate with watercolour. I thought maybe
I could use woodblock or lino, but found the block cutting and burnishing
just too physically demanding for an edition with multiple illustrations, so
back to polymer plates. However, on my travels through the world of printmaking
I found and bought a book about Blanche Lazzell and white line.

The book, which is actually the catalogue for an exhibition that took
place in 2002, is "Blanche Lazzell and the Color Woodcut", published by
MFA publications a division of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Author is
Barbara Stern Shapiro, ISBN 0-87846-643-6 It gives a biography and lots of
pictures of her work and those of others also involved in white line, eg
GustaveBaumann, Ada Gilmore Chaffee, Mabel Hewit, Edna Boies Hopkins,
Mildred McMillen, Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt, Maude Hunt Squire, Grace
Martin Taylor.

I think I bought it at Amazon, but I may be wrong, it could have been through
Abe Books. Anyway, there it is.

Jan Kellett
De Walden Press

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Subject: Show me your box!
Posted by: Dave Bull

Now that the 'Mystique' boxes are beginning to arrive at destinations around the world, photos are coming in!

As soon as I get a minute, I'm going to set up a page on the Mystique site with a collection of photos of the Treasure Chest 'in the wild' as it were. So all you collectors out there, once you get it set up in a nice location, please send me a photo (by email). (I'll respect your privacy, of course, and will simply identify them by city I guess ...)

To get started, here's one I received yesterday (click these for enlargements) ...

(Gent, Belgium)

... along with mine, which shows 'Fuji in front of fuji ...'

(Ome, Tokyo)

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Subject: Paleo-Horsefly
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Printed up a few paleo-horseflies while I had the inks out.  Not really satisfied with these either.  Maybe I'm just tired.  The blue was giving me a headache.  I was using small pouncing brushes (one a teensy Japanese brush), and I think I was loading up too much ink.  Something to work on next time.

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Subject: Paleo-Seahorse
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Printed up some Paleo-Seahorses today.  Not entirely pleased with the results.  I think I have to carve some more on the block.  Needs more texture.

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Subject: Terrah!
Posted by: Sue

 As promised, I have set to and printed the block. It was probably the easiest block I've ever printed....hardly any duff prints, at first glance, but I need to have a good look through them later, when they're dry. This is a vast improvement on my duff/good print ratio when I first began printing....then it was almost 50%!

The block is 12.6cm x 8.8cm and was an old pear (I think) block that I sent away to be re-surfaced and thus re-used. It's a very good type of recycling, as it saves you the cost of a new block (and end-grain blocks aren't cheap) but you do have to contend with the block being lower than type-high, as the original design has been shaved off it. Nothing a piece or two of card under the block, on the press bed, won't fix though. Of course if you print without a press, say, you burnish your prints with a spoon, then the height of the block becomes irrelevant.

It was printed on a thin Japanese paper called Sunome Senaka, using my old Farley cylinder proofing press.

And a peep now at the sketch for the next idea, one that I have actually started to engrave. The image is 7.6 x 9 cm and depicts one of the many engine /winding houses that dot the Cornish landscape hereabouts (I live in the Camborne area) and the image also celebrates the rare snow that covered Cornwall this winter.

This is a smallish block, (another re-surfaced one) so I think I will keep it simple in detail and clean-lined.

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