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Message 1
From: Tibi Chelcea
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 13:14:04 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40910] Re: Theme for Exchange 45
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Message 2
From: "Oscar Bearinger"
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 13:42:30 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40911] Re: Theme for Exchange 45
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Maps (thanks)
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Message 3
From: Mary Kuster
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 16:42:47 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40912] Baren Ads & Ops
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*_Baren Ads & Ops_*

*March 15, 2010*


I'm interested in purchasing a 3mm Aisuki 2-part Bull Nose Japanese-made
chisel Contact Bette Wappner :*__*

*_For Sale_*

*For sale: *Woodblock print by Rikio Takahashi. It is in absolute
pristine condition, is part of a limited edition of 40, and looks
great. You can have a look at it here:
His prints are very interesting, as he achieves the organic, flowing
feeling of a painting, which is not so easy to do in woodblock.
For sale: *Four Oceans Press 2010 Print Makers Calendar

*For sale*: High quality tools hand forged white steel, there are 23 in
all, plus a few carver knives. I am asking $40 per tool and have some
photos. Contact Melissa Ward at


*Art Festival Guide*

A book for brave artists embarking on the treacherous and most wonderful
adventure of selling artful creations in art festivals and generally
directly to the public.

What you will need, how to choose shows, sales at the booth, marketing
and promotion, setting goals for continued success, display tips, tricks
of the trade, staying healthy
and much more.


*St. Louis Artists Guild*

Book Binding with Amy Thompson of RADLAB

Collagraphs with Gina Alvarez

Wood you like to make some Monotypes with Kyra Termini

Printmaking for Teens with Kyra Termini

You can download the entire education brochure here or visit the Guild's website You can also call them at 314-727-6266

* *

*Anchor Graphics at Columbia College Chicago*

*Chicago Printmakers Collaborative*

*_Artist Opportunities_*

DEADLINE: Friday April 2, 2010*
World/Old World" invites proposals for panels or dialogues during the
conference OCT 13-16, 2010.

Please e-mail questions to Fred Hagstrom:

For more information:

* *


DEADLINE: Friday April 2, 2010*

The 2010 MID-AMERICA PRINT COUNCIL CONFERENCE in Minneapolis, MN: "New World/Old World" invites proposals for demonstrations during the conference OCT 13-16, 2010.

SUBMIT A WORD DOC PROPOSAL HERE. Please follow the detailed outline for submission categories. You must use Explorer or Firefox to submit a proposal.

Please e-mail questions to Jerald

For more information:

*_Exchanges _*

*From Four Oceans Press*

*East* - the second in our Cardinal Directions Series Print Deadline
April 15, 2010



The [Baren] Council is looking for a 'Research Assistant' to step
forward and begin the task of organizing a [Baren] 'collection' of
information on this particular corner of woodblock print history.

In a nutshell, your mission would be a three-part one:
1) you will establish a methodology for a collection of images/data on
this field. As we have seen, there is a lot of raw information out
there, and we could simply start 'scooping' the stuff into folders on
the site, but such an 'accumulation' would be of no use
2) Once the structure is in place, you will get out there on the 'net
and 'gather' as much as possible. The links posted to Baren recently
will be a good starting place, but there is almost certainly a lot more
out there to be gleaned.
3) You will establish a new section on the Baren website where the data
can be viewed. We have an installation of Movable Type on the site
already, and this could be used to create a 'blog' type of layout (page
for each artist, etc.), but that is only one possibility, and are open
to your input and ideas on this.
If you have the particular skill set required for this:
Contact: The
[Baren] Council

*_Call to Artists_*

*2010 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition*
University of Hawaii at Hilo Campus Center Gallery
A prospectus may be downloaded at


* *

*The Kyoto International Woodprint Association (KIWA) *

DEADLINE: July 30, 2010. Prints received after July, 2010, will be held
for the 7th Exhibition in 2015


*PRINT 3D Juried Exhibition as part of MAPC 2010 "New World/Old World"*

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) seeks art to be included in an exhibition of three-dimensional print work titled Prints: Now In 3D!

Email entries must be received by April 9, 2010.

For more information about MCBA, . Questions regarding the exhibition may be sent to Jeff Rathermel

For more information:

*Third International Prints for Peace México 2010*.

No participation fee instead of the donation of the print for
educational purposes.

Documentation in our web page. One solo exhibit and one collective
exhibit as awards.

*Deadline May 15 2010 print should be in Monterrey.*

Complete call in our web page

*_ _*

*prayers for little souls*

An international traveling exhibition for the remembrance of the
2008/5/12 sichuan(china) earthquake and the rebuilding and rebirth of
the devastated cities

Deadline-- 4/30/2010 works must be arrive in Hong Kong by *4/30/2010* to
be included in the 5/12/2010 two year anniversary exhibition

*Exhibitions*--first exhibition is scheduled for 5/10/2010-5/17/2010, at
Chengdu Academy of Fine Art, Chengdu, Sichuan. Multiple locations in
suburban and rural areas of Sichuan around epic center area,
as well as Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, San Francisco and beyond are
under negociation

*publication*-- a bilingual catalogue will accompany the exhibitions

*organizer and contact person*--waverly weiqun liu, artist, writer,
independent curator Contact:

*address*-- waverly weiqun liu. 303 castle peak road, tingkau, tsuenwan,


Mid-America Print Council Juried Show

Start: 03/08/2010 - 12:00pm

End: 04/30/2010 - 5:00pm

Event Contact: Department of Art & Design

Event Location: Elzay Gallery of Art and Stambaugh Studio Theatre Gallery

This juried print exhibition for MAPC members will be hosted by Ohio
Northern University and coordinated by Melissa Eddings (and the ONU
chapter of AIGA). The show will include prints, books, and folios in any
printed media including digital. John Lysak, professor of art,
printmaking area head and Egress Press founder and director at Edinboro
University of Pennsylvania, will adjudicate the exhibition.


Baren Mall _

Graphic Chemical and Ink _http://www.graphicchemical.com_

McClains Printmaking Supplies _http://www.imcclains.com_

Stephen Kinsella Fine Art Papers _http://www.kinsellaartpapers.com_

Whelan Press _http://www.whelanpress.com_

Intaglio Printmaker _http://www.intaglioprintmaker.com_

/ /


Ads & Ops published on the 15th of each month

Send your ad or opportunity request before the 13th to

Newsletter coordinator: Mary Kuster
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Message 4
From: Jennifer Martindale
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 16:51:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40913] Mystique promotion venues
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In the UK I read one online art newsletter which includes printmakers and one hardcopy print magazine called Printmaking today You could try sending an article about yourself, the story and the printmaking technique and slip in the interesting opportunity. The current issue of the latter has an article about Jason Oliver being an artist-in-residence at Nagasawa Art Park, on Awaji Island, Japan learning Moku Hanga. He works in the print room of London's Royal Academy Schools so might be a potential customer!

As I understand it, your series will demonstrate the various skills and techniques of the method, so I would guess that Printmaking art schools such as the Royal College of art in London and Print collecting museums such as the British Museum (and their international equivalents) could well find this series a 'must have' as a teaching aid for collectors and training artists. A flyer either online or in the post may attract attention.

Good luck