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From: "Ellen Shipley"
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 17:33:56 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40901] Re: plastics
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These look really great. Thanx Marilyn. And everyone who had suggestions.

Ellen Shipley

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Subject: A Pod of Dolphins
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Printing Bubbles today.  A friend wants a couple for presents.  So I printed up a pod.

I did half in medium blue and half in teal.  They're very similar:  blue is blue with a little white, teal is blue with a little white and green.  Because I can never just print something; I have to play.  ;- j

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Subject: Mylar and run seven preview
Posted by: conor

After a couple days trying to learn to use a mat cutter and doing some non print related art, I finally went to the studio to start on run number seven. Before that though I printed the key block onto some mylar to see how much changes I'm gonna need to do, because I changed the treetops and a couple other small things.

I was pretty happy to finally get an idea of what it was going to look like generally.  The textures of the street fence and roofs on the key block were experiments to keep or leave, and I'll probably end up keeping everything except the sreet/parking lot.

For the underlying street texture did some anti-stenciling with some coarse sandpaper and ran it through the press-

The lower picture is sandpaper face down
and on the right is the result lot waiting to get inked up with the stencil surrounding it

I got kicked out of the studio right as I was finishing mixing my colors. I was just there for a proof but I spent too much time on the stencil, should have stuck just with the street and sky without messing with the house roof and woman's purse. Everytime that happens I bring one home because I spent all that time preparing for a proof but don't get one. The positive was that I got the sky mostly right as far as shape - I pretty much killed the first color block for some reason, so even though I used a stencil for the treetops on run six, I carved little outlines because i usually overink things and my stencils are cheap adhesives that get dirty and bend and . . .
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