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From: Robert Arnold
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:23:00 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40838] Mixing Ink
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Does anyone know of a guide other than Pantone that will show me
colors and formulas if I am mixing CMYK process colors in oil based

Thanks, Robert
The Dog House Press

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Subject: My Solitudes ... Box preparation
Posted by: Dave Bull

Helper Ichikawa-san returned a batch of the finished books for Chapter 12 yesterday evening, so I had to put aside the Mystique carving work and get some paulownia boxes ready.

The company that made these for me definitely has a sub-standard idea of what constitutes 'nicely finished'. It's not as though I was asking them to 'go the extra mile' ... I just want them to 'get to the finish line' in one piece ...

So each box needs a going-over, and many of them aren't making the cut. I ordered 100, and have orders for 48, so the worst ones are getting set aside without any attempt to even try to get them in shape.

The ones that seem acceptable get a little touch up with sandpaper:

And then get their label glued on (on the flip side of the front flap):

They certainly feel 'empty' with just one book inside ...

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