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From: Margot Rocklen
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 14:16:49 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40734] Re:Georgina's "extending" woodcut
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The original single black and white woodcut is so strong and evocative. Every line is important to the image.
Extending onto another block seems the solution for you and for the viewer, allowing one to follow along as you
develop your concept. I could see this image eventually growing to mural size, with the option of being able to
display any or all parts.

Margot Rocklen

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Subject: Havin' fun ... keepin' busy!
Posted by: Dave Bull

These periods - the overlaps between the end of one print series and the beginning of another one - are 'the best of times, and the worst of times' for me. As much as I would like to kick back and relax after three years of work on the Solitudes print series, the deadline for shipping the first Mystiques print is just over three weeks away, and there's no sitting still!

When I came back into my 'office' this afternoon after a nice long bath down at the Post Office, I stood there for a minute looking around, and thought it might be fun to share it with you ... Here are three snapshots (click for enlargements), each one with an accompanying list of things you can hunt for, if you are so inclined!

  • wood swatches with sample wood stain colours for the Mystique box
  • 'To Do' list
  • first wood block for the Mystique series, with hanshita pasted down
  • trusty Canon printer, loaded with paper, ready for the first invoicing for the Mystique series (probably later tonight)
  • small white box with Your First Print CDs, now getting empty, and waiting to be refilled from the stockroom upstairs
  • another 'To Do' list
  • Zoom recorder, waiting for the next 'A Story A Week' recording session, probably tomorrow evening, if I get the story done by then
  • one volume of the large 16-volume Kodansha encyclopedia, waiting to go downstairs to the scanner, for preparation of the hanshita for the second Mystique design
  • stack of Edo and Meiji e-hon, being mined for image ideas (these aren't mine, but belong to young printer Ueda-san)
  • bill clip (getting fatter by the day)

Now if we turn around ...

  • pile-of-junk Epson printer, spitting out another one of the hanshita, ready for pasting down
  • box of woodblocks for the Mystique series, just arrived from Matsumura-san the other day, and eagerly opened right in the entranceway, because he had promised me 'special hand planing by an expert!' ... [comment censored (save it for another post later, Dave ...)]
  • stack of moistened newsprint, containing the small slips of paper for the cover labels to be glued onto the 'Seacoast in Spring' books
  • batch of paulownia boxes for Solitudes books (five of them, from the first carton to be cracked open), waiting for 'touch up' sanding and general 'fixing' - as much as is possible, anyway
  • stack of sample alternate paulownia boxes for the Solitudes books
  • stack of 'art boards', within which . . .
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Subject: Things you neeb to know about printmaking
Posted by: Pistoles Press

Here is an excellent example of a "type demon". I had to laugh out loud when I pulled this first proof. Just a simple matter of slipping that letter out to replace it with the right one but I'm always deathly afraid that I'll get tired and not catch stupid mistakes until I'm on the last print. Thankfully I had two other people in the studio working around me so I bugged them to proof read and suffer through my poetry enough to say there were no more spelling errors.

Catherine Moore was working on a really neat project that is somewhat similar to mine in playing with how type is arranged to create mood and flow. I was really fascinated by here set up and it was neat to see that and hear her and Garrett Queen talking about soundscapes. People really do take sound for advantage and everything from pattering rain to the slow rumble of a train down the tracks has its place.

Above is a picture of her arrangement of wood type on the VABC Vandercook.

Meanwhile, I was neebing all the help I could get. I love my set of Fransiscan Type but I have since learned the valuable lesson that 16pt. font was not common at all. I thought I could borrow some spacing material for this project from the VABC but they never owned a set of 16pt. font so had no reason to ever acquire 16pt. spacing material. Thankfully, Dave Churchman of Sterling Type Foundry was there to save the day and was able to get me some. It wasn't much but my job has been small so far. I still need to find a good way of storing spacing material besides those plastic hardware bins. I HATE those things. In the mean time, my Lichee Black Tea tin now devoid of . . .
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