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From: cjchapel #
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 23:59:43 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40669] Re: Exchange #43 Arrived!
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My exchange prints arrived today too. It's just like Christmas.
Thanks to everyone.
C. Chapel
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From: Andrew Stone
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 08:01:06 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40670] Exchange 43 arrived
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Exchange 34 arrived today and I opened it up this evening.

It is a wonderful collection of prints with a wide variety of approaches and techniques. Lots of multicolor prints this time around and the black and white entries are really graphically interesting and well done. Some great experimentation too. It's great to see how other artists have struggled or succeeded (maybe without struggling) with some of my issues. Great work and thanks to so many for pushing themselves to do some interesting things with the alphabet.

Thanks, too, to E. Corder for coordinating this one. Glad to get them back so soon.
Hope they get posted soon to the Baren site so the rest of you can see them too.



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Subject: Mystique Series Subscriptions
Posted by: Dave Bull

The Subscription page for the new Mystique series has been open for five days, and we reached a small milestone this afternoon - with 51 names on the list, the series is now 1/4 subscribed.

The reason I say milestone is because that's somewhere around the 'raw' break-even point: I will be making 200 sets of this series, and the revenue from 50 collectors covers the costs of getting the 200 from 'zero' to the point where the post office truck pulls into the driveway to take them all away: the wood, washi, mat boards, mounting, the shipping cartons, printing of the story sheets, part-timer for packing/wrapping, etc. and etc.

The next 'milestone' comes at around the 100 mark, where we cover, not the 'series' costs, but the 'David' costs. That's a bit more vague, because this next level of expenses is not so clearly defined, as some of them vary over time: mortgage, health insurance, taxes, etc. etc., but it's somewhere around the 100 region ...

Will I get to that 100 mark? I think so; I haven't even started to build the Japanese side of the website yet, and the 'mass' mailing that I will be doing to all previous collectors here in Japan won't be going out until early next week (I'll be stuffing envelopes, etc. all weekend). I'm pretty sure a number of those people will like to get this set too; I'll find out a week from now, whether that's true or not ...

So it's looking good so far - thanks very much to those of you who have decided to join this one!


In other series news, today I received the first 'dummy' case from the small workshop that is going to be making this one for me. I don't want to show a photo of it just yet, because you would perhaps be disappointed at the appearance - this is just a mock-up to confirm that the design actually 'works', and it is roughly put together from 'any old wood' that they had lying around the shop, and is unvarnished to boot. But I can confirm that it 'feels' great, and definitely 'works' as intended. I'm very happy with my design for this one, and even happier that I've found a place here in Japan to make it for me. After receiving it, I spent nearly an hour on the phone with the guy this . . .
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Subject: The cutting is done
Posted by: Georgina

I have been cutting away this week, mainly because at the moment I have little paid employment. This is bad for my wallet and good for my art as long as I have enough supplies! You can see that the way I cut my designs is to paint my block black and just go from there. I make marks in pencil and sometimes use them as a guide and sometimes not!

I will probably print next week. There is a gallery in Alstonville called Barret Galleries and they have a press which I can hire or strike some sort of deal!

The print was indeed inspired by my pond. There is a gudgeon in it, which I have never seen so it is pretty elusive so I have only hinted at its presence in the print. I had a water lilly flower that was pretty elusive also as it emerged from the water on a few occassions, only to be flattened in storms!

So anyhow I shall no doubt do some more work on it after it is proofed. I am thinking to print it in a light colour and maybe another layer on top, we will see.

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