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  1. [Baren 40430] I need a current address for Ira Greenberg. (Charles Morgan)
  2. [Baren 40431] Announcement : Research project proposal (David Bull)
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Message 1
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 01:55:39 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40430] I need a current address for Ira Greenberg.
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My new years prints for Ira Greenberg were returned. If anyone has a current mailing address for Ira, please email me off list.

Cheers ........ Charles
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Message 2
From: David Bull
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 11:06:43 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40431] Announcement : Research project proposal
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Attention [Baren] members, for an interesting (we hope!) announcement
from the Council!

Data point #1
Here on [Baren] in recent weeks there have been a number of postings
that introduced links to images and information on some of the
woodblock printmakers who worked in the early 20th century. There was
quite an explosion of activity in the field, and although names like
Fletcher, Dow and Baumann are well-known, we are now learning that
there were many people making woodblock prints in those days, many of
them working at a high standard. We're thinking in particular of the
colour work (both oil and water), of the type usually coming under the
'Arts & Crafts' umbrella.

Data point #2
Information on those printmakers is scattered far and wide - on web
sites and auction listings, in old books, and in museums and private
collections. There is no single place where one can learn about them
and their work.

Data point #3
Due to the 'slow 'n steady' sales from our Mall (and of course the
work of the volunteers who keep it running) [Baren] has accumulated a
small nest egg, which - under the terms of our NPO status - must be
used for projects related to education/promotion/research/etc. in the
woodblock printmaking field.

1 plus 2 plus 3 equals ... a Research Project Announcement (with

The [Baren] Council is looking for a 'Research Assistant' to step
forward and begin the task of organizing a [Baren] 'collection' of
information on this particular corner of woodblock print history.

In a nutshell, your mission would be a three-part one:
1) you will establish a methodology for a collection of images/data on
this field. As we have seen, there is a lot of raw information out
there, and we could simply start 'scooping' the stuff into folders on
the site, but such an 'accumulation' would be of no use. We want you
to set up a structure for organizing the data, and particularly, a
structure which will be expandable as more information is found. The
arrangement will take into account such factors as: artist,
nationality, technique type (woodblock, lino, etc.), era, and/or any
other factors that seem useful.

2) Once the structure is in place, you will get out there on the 'net
and 'gather' as much as possible. The links posted to Baren recently
will be a good starting place, but there is almost certainly a lot
more out there to be gleaned. Much of the old material is in the
public domain, our 'educational purposes' umbrella will cover us for
much of the sort of re-use we have in mind, and of course, in the case
of images from private websites for example, asking for permission
will (we hope) bring good results.

3) You will establish a new section on the Baren website where the
data can be viewed. We have an installation of Movable Type on the
site already, and this could be used to create a 'blog' type of layout
(page for each artist, etc.), but that is only one possibility, and
are open to your input and ideas on this. We do feel it is important
that whatever type of web display of the information you come up with
_must_ include some kind of 'feedback' system, where people who have
additional data (images, biographical info, etc.) can share/upload it
to be included. We want this thing to be able to grow. (This feeds
back to point #2 just mentioned, and if you get the web part of the
job done early enough, plenty of the [Baren] members could/would help
with data gathering.)

Now such a prospectus could be infinitely expandable, and this could
actually be almost a full time job for somebody for quite some time.
We honestly don't have the resources to take it that far, but we very
much _do_ want to get this off the ground. So as a starting point for
discussion, we are proposing a 3 month timeline on the project, and
are looking for a [Baren] member who has the particular skill set, who
has enough (part) time available to spend on this, and who will be
willing to take it on - for an honorarium of $200 per month for the
next three months.

We know that three months of part time work will not be enough time to
create the 'whole thing'. What we do expect though, is that this
_will_ be enough time to put the structure in place: to develop a
strong basic design for both the data collection aspect and the
display, and to get it up and running with enough image/bio data in
there to be useful.

You would be expected to keep the Council in touch with your progress,
and we would of course be available to offer whatever assistance and
advice we can.

If you have the particular skill set required for this:
- an interest in these printmakers
- ability to collect and organize information
- adequate web skills to put something decent together (Council
members can also work with you on this, as necessary)
... please write to and tell us what you think
about this project, how you would approach it, and what you have in
mind for ways to collect, organize, format and then display this data.

We should mention that nothing in this proposal is set in stone - this
is a starting point for discussion really - and we are open to
suggestions for alternate ideas and approaches. A possible twist was
suggested by one of the Council members, that you select just one or
two artists first, and use them as a 'pilot' while organizing
everything. Then, when the groundwork was done, open things up for a
more general collection of date from the field. (Please feel free to
post to [Baren] about this too, as general discussion by the group may
indeed help us to focus this concept better.)

In any case, we've been toying with the idea long enough in our
'chambers' - time to get it out onto the floor for discussion ... and
hopefully, to have somebody step forward and tell us 'Yes, I can do

If there are a number of applicants, we will sort through them and
appoint somebody to the job. If it turns out that no [Baren] members
are interested/suited for this job, we will open it up to outside
applicants, but it seems to make sense to offer it to members first.

We look forward to hearing your proposals!

The [Baren] Council