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From: "Frank Trueba"
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 13:03:46 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40275] Re: New Baren Digest (Text) V49 #5070 (Dec 19, 2009)
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The University and the Benefits Office will be closed from 5pm on Dec 18 until Monday January 4th, 2010.

You may leave an e-mail or phone message, but I will not see them until Jan 4, 2010.

Thank you,
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From: Julio.Rodriguez #
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 00:39:03 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40276] Re: Gustave Baumann video on the blog
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There are a couple of new videos on printmaker Gustave Baumann
(1881-1971). He is well known for his images from the Santa Fe, New
Mexico region. The one video is long but it has many images of Baumann at
his workshop, family life, etc,,,,,,, plus images of many of his wonderful
prints. There is also lots of background info provided by an interview
with his daughter Ann.

thanks and Happy Holidays to all........Julio

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Subject: If you were my 'manager' : Part Three
Posted by: Dave Bull

Continued from [If you were my manager : Part Two] | Starting point of the series is [Part One]

Well, now that we've 'settled' the question of how I should handle foreign exchange, let's move on to bigger fish. Very big fish!

With the My Solitudes series scheduled to come to a conclusion sometime in March, I have to begin preparing for what comes next. Here in Japan, April is the month when most things 'get going': the school year begins in April, as do employment contracts for those who graduated in March. Companies and institutions do all their major internal shuffling on March 31st/April 1st, and this is when promotions take effect, when people retire, and when many people are re-assigned to new positions. For me to have a new series beginning on April 1st is - in Japan at least - perfect timing.

Now all I need is a perfect idea!

There are a great many considerations; more this time than ever before. With more than twenty years of subscription prints now issued, the choices still keep multiplying.

(For readers who are not so familiar with what I have issued up to now, this recent story in my newsletter gives a good overview.)

Here is a rundown on the previous work, with some comments on relevant points:

1989~1998 : Hyakunin Isshu (poetry) series
For me:Excellent challenge at first, less so in the later stages. But overall - ten years! - a wonderful accomplishment.
For collectors:Main interest was the content rather than the printmaking.
Sales, etc.:Very slow going at first, fully subscribed in the later stages (necessitating a reprint).
1999~2003 : Surimono Albums
For me:Excellent challenge start to finish. Huge amount of work: 200 copies each, many colours, a new print every five weeks ... incredible achievement. (Never again!)
For collectors:Mixed. The 'scattergun' approach left many of them feeling a bit 'lost', although others enjoyed the constant surprise when opening the packages.
Sales, etc.:Well subscribed at first, tapering off as the years went by. After five years, I myself was thinking of going for ten, but the market said 'no way'.
2004 : Beauties of Four Seasons
For me:Excellent challenge start to finish. My best work, probably . . .
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