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From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:43:23 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40270] Re: Zimmerli Museum
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About Zimmerli Museum, an amazing museum for all kinds of prints--
Two of my prints are in their collection, one of a kind experimental works,
not woodblocks . They are ( my take
on decalcomania, which is a type of surrealistic art. Some of the
Carol Lyons
Irvington, NY

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Subject: If you were my 'manager' ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Yesterday saw the end of work on the little new year greeting print; 195 copies are now pressed under the drying boards. In the spare time over the next week, I'll get the envelopes addressed and then truck them all down to the post office. On time again this year!

With that job out of the way, I can get back to normal work, so I have now begun the second run of Forest in Winter - another 100+ sheets. With no decisions to be made, it won't take so long, so by about the 22nd or 23rd I'll be done.

The next job up will be the final print in the Solitudes series - Seacoast in Spring - but I think I'll save work on that one until after the turn of the year. I have the basic 'idea' already in mind, and although it's not going to be an easy one to get down on paper, at least I won't be struggling to think about where to start ...

And ... with just one print now left in the series, it's time to start seriously thinking about what will come next. As usual, there are a lot of ideas jostling for attention, and many paths I could take. As I sit here printing, the 'discussions' inside my head go back and forth, back and forth. 'Carver Dave' has lots of ideas about what he wants to make. 'Printer Dave' looks at some of those ideas and shakes his head ... And of course 'Manager Dave' stands over the both of them, shaking his head even more vigorously!

And that gives me an idea. I have no 'manager' of course; I work completely independently. Because of this though, my decisions sometimes turn out to be somewhat on the impractical side of things. The scroll project a few years back is a perfect example of this - 'Carver Dave' was given his head, and the result was near bankrupcy!

Would you like to sit in the manager's chair for a while? If I offer some of my thoughts on my business policies, and on possible projects for next year's work, would you be willing to proffer some feedback, guidance, and 'advice'? I have to tell you right up front that this will be a purely 'honorary' position ... no 15% cut of my profits for you, I'm afraid! (Although I suppose that doesn't matter . . .
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