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From: carol Montgomery
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 17:55:22 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40125] Fw: Hiromi Paper Annual Sale 2009
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Hi, All - Some of you might know of this store. It is in Santa Monica, CA and has great Japanese paper. I took a papermaking class with them in Venice, Ca a few years back. Sincerely, Carol M in Montana

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>From: hiromi
>Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 10:38:11 AM
>Subject: Hiromi Paper Annual Sale 2009
> >Hiromi Paper Annual Sale 2009
>December 1st - 24th
>*Cannot be combined membership & quantity discounts, no purchase minimum necessary.
>Sale items will be available in store, online, and by phone/fax orders
>What to expect......
>-$1 & 50%OFF box
>50% off papers including:
>Shikishi White & Natural
>HM-53 Torinoko HM White
>Unryu Rainbow
>Chirizome x-series
>Peacock Buff, Rose, and Green 25x38"
>Yatsuo B-17 Green, B-35 Orange, Maroon, and B-31 Rose
>Khadi Color Rag 22x30"
>Khadi 100 Medium/Smooth 18x23.52"
>30% off Discontinued Papers from the mills *limited stock*
>SH-4 Harukaze
>SH-5 Tanbo
>SH-6 Zangetsu
>SH-7 Hosho
>SH-8 Sansui
>DHM-11 Kozo Misumi
>Mokuba WP001S, WP002S, WP004S
>MM-7 Kozo-shi Thick
>BHU-06 Bhutan Mitsumata Natural
>Spanish Capaellades Abaca 12x17"
>Kiriwood 22x30"
>HM-5 Gampi-shi
>20% off New Paper Introduction
>HP-69 Masa Warm White sheets
>HPR--02 Masa Warm White Roll
>Metal A4 Inkjet
>Kyokushi A4 Inkjet 10sheet pack
>KH-61 Kozo White #8
>Bhutan Denak Kap Daphne Med
>Bhutan Denak Kap Daphne Thin
>Bhutan Trongsa Denak P1 33.5x51"
>Bhutan Trongsa Denak P2 33.5x51"
>2009 Holiday Items
>Holiday cards
>-Quirky Creatures
>-Post Reindeer
>-Japanese Thank you card set
>-Handmade Washi
>-Rocking Chair
>-Red & Green paper clips
>-Sparkly postcards
>-Holiday stamps
>-Gift stickers
>-Quirky Creatures
>Hiromi Paper, Inc.
>2525 Michigan Ave.
>Bergamot Station G-9
>Santa Monica, CA 90404
>Tel: 310-998-0098 Fax: 310-998-0028

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Subject: Teaching What I Want to Learn
Posted by: Annie B


Way back two months ago I taught a workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking that we named "Experiments In Woodblock Printing." It was a short two-day workshop, way too short to create an edition of multi-block prints, so I decided to focus on printing techniques. I asked participants to bring a very simple design or two designs that could interact because we were only going to carve two blocks. We spent only the first 4 or 5 hours on carving. The rest of the workshop was about printing, and each participant worked with two carved blocks plus an uncarved block.

I didn't file a report about this workshop as I usually do because I didn't take any photos, but I recently got some pictures that the Zea Mays staff took, so here are some for you to see.

I demonstrated five or six basic techniques at a time, and did three series of demos during the weekend.

I wanted to share all the ways that an uncarved block can be used -- to make a solid background, to create bokashi blends, to add texture across the print, to use a stencil

In this photo you can see the two simple blocks I had carved to demonstrate with

Demonstrating a simple bokashi

I suggested that participants start by working with just one color until they began to get the feel for moku hanga

Trying out some moku hanga "wiping"

It worked! I was winging it in these demos, which I wanted to do so that participants would feel free to wing it too.

Franklin of posted some of his prints from the workshop . . .
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