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From: Mary Kuster
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 17:12:09 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40096] Ads & Ops submission reminder
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Don't forget that I will be posting the "Ads and Ops"
Newsletter/Digest on the 15th. I'll need your /ad or op/ by the
13th, please.
Submit ads to

Your ads coordinator,

Mary Kuster

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Subject: Paleo-Horse Fly -- a sketch
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Getting back into carving. I want to have something new for the Loscon art show in a couple weeks. Something small.
Here's a computer-cobbled sketch for a new paleo-mythos critter, a paleo-horse fly. I sketched the horse from a Przewalski horse and added some dragonfly wings I found on google. Still working up the details. I'd like the wings to be lighter than the background, but that may not work.

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