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  2. [Baren 40030] Carole's prints (Kris Wiltse)
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Message 1
From: Eileen Corder
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 16:12:13 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40029] OO-WEE Carole!
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OO-WEE Carole, what a thoroughly handsome print! Your colors are so pleasing
and what I can see of the textures -- wow! Thanks for sharing with us non-42
exchangers. And thanks for the clue re fine lines obtainable with linoleum.
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Message 2
From: Kris Wiltse
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 16:16:19 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40030] Carole's prints
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Carole... I really like your prints and watercolors! I made a few
comments on your blogs but think they didn't post for some reason.
Thanks for sharing your work!


Kris Wiltse
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Message 3
From: Andrew Stone
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 21:45:32 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40031] Exchange 42: I'm racing
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Well, I'm printing merrily away; I left the last week of October free imagining I'd have some touch up's and what not but the epidemic of Swine Flu in California sidelined my 8 year-old for a week so I had to stay home from work and push motrin and chicken soup instead of carving; that and having to go and get a "real job" again and a few other unmentionable little hurdles have popped up along the way means I'm frantically printing, burnishing, dabbing, mixing, etc. trying to get done in time...feels like I'm in college again. But I dropped out of 41 due to them and decided to stick with this one.....and at least the commitment to producing a print for the 1st of November has gotten me again in the studio. Beautiful Nasturtium, C.B; I can't wait to see the other prints and see how people tackled the 1:3 ratio/format.
Well, the new batch of rice paste is almost done.....back to the studio.
Andrew Stone
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Message 4
From: jennifer kelly
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:08:55 GMT
Subject: [Baren 40032] RE: blog address
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Carol's printDivine.Jenny

> Oops, I forgot to put the blog address:
>... > Carole Baker

Digest Appendix

Postings made on [Baren] members' blogs
over the past 24 hours ...

Subject: New eBook on woodblock prints published today!
Posted by: Dave Bull

'David's Choice : An invitation to a viewing of prints from the personal collection of Tokyo woodblock printmaker David Bull'

The eBook contains an introduction, an index, and 10 content pages. Each of those pages shows one of the woodblock prints in David's collection, photographed as clearly and beautifully as possible, in very high-resolution, with each print also being accompanied by a number of close-up views. The main content of the volume though, is the collection of audio clips - one for each page. These were recorded by David in the manner that he would use had you been sitting in his library together with him. He tells you about the background of the print, why he thinks it is special, and what you should look at ... The recordings are not lectures, but simple conversations with a friend. To experience the entire 'exhibition' will take the two of you together just about an hour ... Download the book, prepare yourself a mug of coffee, and enjoy the (spectacular) show!

The eBook is priced at $5, and is available for immediate downloading. When you place an order from the catalogue page, a personalized link will be automagically sent to you a few seconds after completing the transaction, and when you follow it, the book will be downloaded to your desktop.


In the meantime - news on the 'Your First Print' eBook published a week or so ago: the CDs are scheduled for shipment here within the week. The mailing envelopes are all prepared, and a few minutes after the boxes arrive from the pressing factory, the discs will be on their way!

This item is taken from the blog Woodblock RoundTable.
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