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Message 1
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 15:14:58 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39991] engraving
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This is from another is cooper but could easily be wood. the info is amazing and you
can really see the detail
lots of fun to see it happening before your eyes in the detail sections
my best to all

The Rhode Island School of Design presently hosts an exhibition on the first centuries of copper engraving: The Brilliant Line.

http://www.risdmuse antline/

The page takes a little to load, then click on ‘Explore’.

In the upper right corner click on: Watch video to see the engraving process, historically accurate except for some anachronisms (rubber gloves ...).

Move the cursor over the details below to see the towns on the map where the engraving was made. Click on a detail to see the full print, next move the cursor over the image to see enlarged details, quite nifty.

For exhibition details, checklist, catalogue etc.:
http://www.risdmuse n.aspx?type= current&id=2147483925.
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Message 2
From: Viza Arlington
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 17:54:07 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39992] Re: Two toots!
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Here is a free online metric conversion

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Message 3
From: "Mark Mason"
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:04:32 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39993] Re: Baren Members Pages.
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I was having a look through the Members pages on the Baren site recently and
it looked a little out of date. There seem to be many people who I don't
recognise since I joined a couple of years ago, and some of today's members
who aren't listed at all.

I know any updating of webpages is a lot of work, especially pages which
require others to submit info and images, but are there any plans to bring
the members pages up to date, and how do more recent members go about
submitting info for inclusion?

On a similar theme, a lot of Baren printmakers now have their own Etsy shop
site (or personal web shop on their own website). What would members think
about bringing all that info onto the Baren site somewhere? With Etsy it's
possible to generate little 'Etsy minis' (I have one on my blog), a custom
sized box showing a number of items for sale which can be clicked on to take
you to that item or shop.

Perhaps an Etsy mini attached to a member's details would help introduce web
viewers to work by Baren members.

I'm thinking aloud here, so I'm prepared to have my kite shot down in
flames, but is there any mileage in discussing the idea of Baren running an
online print shop, along the lines of the Etsy model, exclusively selling
prints in various categories? Baren could take a listing fee and final sale
commission just as Etsy does, and individual printmakers would be
responsible for managing their individual print shop as well as listing and
shipping their prints. Again, I realise the huge amount of work involved in
setting something like this up, but it could benefit both Baren and Baren
members in the long run.

What does everyone think?

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Subject: Print and Sculpture in Exhibition
Posted by: Mark Mason

Recently I submitted a couple of woodblock prints and a sculpture for selection in the first Ribble Valley Open Exhibition. The exhibition is open to all artists of any media, the only criteria being that the artist be resident in the Ribble Valley area. (You'd be surprised how many there are!)
I received notification about a month ago that one of my prints, 'Ribble Valley Winter View', which some of you out there received as my Christmas print last year, and my sculpture 'Resting Figure' had both been selected for exhibiting.
My winter view print has been doing very well for itself, and is now in it's second edition of 60 prints. (I'm not a big fan of artificially limiting my prints to force the price up. Prints are a democratic medium, and as such, should be printed and priced with the same philosophy.)
I was asked if it could be featured in an article in the English language Japanese magazine, 'Japan Close Up' . They wanted to do a piece on foreign artists who were inspired by Japanese art, and found me on Etsy!
Susan Ashworth, of the Lancashire Museums Organisation (co-curators of the Ribble Valley Open)which manage all the museums and art galleries which fall within Lancashire County Council's responsibility called me a couple of weeks ago to ask if they could buy a copy of the print for the Lancashire Museums' permanent collection, which was great. I now have one of my prints in the collection of Lancashire's art gallery archives. I'm happy to admit it quite made my day! When Susan arrived to collect the print, she also bought one for herself, and mentioned that they're considering printing a postcard or Christmas card of the image at some time in the future.

I've included a copy of the back and front of the poster/leaflet for the exhibition. The sculpture in the image is mine.
It's made from cast concrete (about 12 inches high and very heavy) . . .
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This item is taken from the blog Curiously Drawn.
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