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From: Mike Lyon
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:15:35 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39738] Re: Hi everyone. Although I have printed in relief usi...
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1:50pm Aus where you are = 10:50pm the previous evening in central Usa
it seems??? It's 5:50am as I write and I'm just ready to head to the

I have mostly been drawing and painting lately and haven't pulled a
woodcut in over a year, I think! At my 'peak' (2003/2004 preparing
for my hanga exhibition in Kyoto which was my first solo show and came
about ONLY because of my participation in BarenForum -- a series of
amazing coincidences) I pulled way more than 50,000 impressions in one
year -- I became pretty facile then -- but that was by far my most
productive printmaking year ever!

If Tom Kristenson is anywhere near you, see if you can visit and watch
him print -- that'll give you a humongous jump start -- he's a good
printer, IMO!! I started exactly like you in 1996 (but without the
benefit of BarenForum - I sorta made it up crudely as I went along
based on very little reading and I got crude but interesting results -
later that year, I took a 2-week intensive (14 hour days) workshop and
was 'hooked'). Stumbled into BarenForum several years later and
really benefitted! Listen, especially to David Bull for technical
advice - he is FAR more experienced than I and has a much more typical
printmaker personality (he is very picky and precise while I am always
very sloppy and trying to get it done fast)!

-- Mike

Mike Lyon
Kansas City, Missouri

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jennifer kelly wrote:

> Thanks soooo much Mike. How many thousands have u printed? Is it my
> imagination, or do u keep very odd hours? Its 1.50 pm Australian
> time. What time does that make it in Kansas?
> Jenny
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Message 2
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:50:44 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39739] Re: Hi everyone. Although I have printed in relief usi...
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I beat you by an is 4:30 am here on the west coast and I am up because I read the clock wrong...but like you I am headed to the studio to get ready for teaching today. 75 first graders in three classes. We will work up to woodblock. We are starting with lines.
Like you I work in fits and starts but am taking a two day woodblock workshop at Crow's Shadow Institute of Art in Pendleton and looking forward to just being a student and not having to teach a thing. i think it will be oily...but maybe I can convert them while there. Hahaha..there goes my plan for no teaching.
My best to all

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Posted by: Linda Beeman

Furrows - Spring Frost

Many times I have passed a farm field, in any stage of growth, and thought, "I have to paint that." I even live on a farm and have yet to do that!

This past April my husband plowed up the barnyard to plant a bigger garden. That night we had a hard freeze. The next morning I caught a glimpse of the garden through the outbuildings. The blue of the frost, the orange of the sunrise and the shadows of the furrows had me running for my camera. This print is my interpretation.

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