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Subject: 911 Portfolio
Posted by: Julio

The Artist's Registry at the National September 11 Memorial Museum, is a gathering place and virtual gallery for art created in response to the events of 9/11. The artists range from seasoned professionals to novices inspired to express their reactions to 9/11 through painting, drawing, writing, music, and more.

It was John Center's idea that the Baren group undertake the creation of a portfolio theme "Remembering the Firemen of 9/11". The portfolio traveled across the U.S. in 2002 and thanks to the efforts of Carol Lyons it was included in the 911 Artists Registry above and also in the permanent collection of the New York City Public Library.

Image by Lezle Willliams (2002)

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Subject: Catching Up
Posted by: Amie Roman

Wow. It's almost been two months of silence from this quarter. Mostly, that's been two months of no art, which is why nothing's been posted here. A couple of exceptions:

Oceans of Art

We attended the opening of this wonderful exhibition of the Bamfield artists' work in Nanaimo in June. Prior to the opening, a number of the artists & guests met for dinner at le Cafe Franšais for wonderful, simple French cuisine. We trooped across the street to the beautifully renovated Nanaimo Art Gallery, which used to be a bank, and admired the donations of the participating artists. As far as I know, five pieces sold from the show, the rest were shipped back to Bamfield and are still available for purchase through the Public Education Program.

Here's me at the opening, in front of "Exposed", one of my donations (also donated a couple from the "Flow" series"):

Gallery in the Garden

While not strictly an overwhelming success on the day itself (the weather turned from 30C the day before to about 12C in the powerful, probably almost gale-force winds the day of), I was happy to be invited to participate in the Delta Arts Council's Gallery in the Garden again this year. I sold a piece, and I was also invited to provide some works on consignment to the Upstart Crow, a delightfully eclectic gift shop in the village of Ladner. I might even be teaching some workshops through their facilities this fall; I'll keep you posted!

Katka, one of my printmaking buddies I've met through Wet Canvas! was kind enough to keep me company and brave the less than pleasant weather for a couple of hours. She provided me with a couple of photos of my setup and of me demonstrating printmaking to passers-by. You can read more about the day on her blog, The Blue Chisel.

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