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From: Kristine Alder
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 03:14:17 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39160] Exchange 41 wait list
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Hello Baren--

As the deadline to drop from Exchange 41 looms ahead just 4 days away, July 1st, we are in need of a few of you who would be able to step up to help us have a full participant list for this exchange. We have had a few drop out and have exhausted our waiting list.

Although we realize that this is late notice, with a little over 4 weeks to go, we hope you will understand that you will still be expected to have your full set of prints to coordinator Joseph Taylor on or before August 1st. The exchange has a theme: My Window, and a format of oban size on the paper.

Please contact us off-list if you are willing to take on the adventure this opportunity holds! :0)

Thanks in advance for helping us out and making this another spectacular showing of talented artists world-wide!

Your Exchange Managers,

Kristine Alder & Mary Kuster

Kristine Alder
St. George, UT
Art Educator/Printmaker/Book Artist/Graphic Design


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Subject: Transferring Fish Design to Other Color Blocks
Posted by: Amanda

I finished carving the first fish block and transferred the design to the other blocks earlier this week. Here is the first block:

I inked it with black Speedball ink to transfer to the other blocks. I normally print with Akua Intaglio, but Speedball dries much faster so it will be easier to work with on the blocks themselves. This block will eventually print orange, but it's black for now.

Then, I put a piece of Yupo (synthetic paper, basically plastic) on top of the block and ran it through the press. Once I'm done transferring, I'll be able to rinse the Yupo and use it again.

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