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From: Graham Scholes
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 14:58:13 GMT
Subject: [Baren 39151] Re: You think you understand colour?
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This is similar to colour exercises that one is exposed to in Art
College. There are other colours that cause illusions.

It is interesting that we learn: Composition, both kinds of
Perspective, Path of Vision, How to Draw, in a relatively short time
frame... Some disciplines take longer than others... drawing for
instance, which is a numbers game. However with colour, it takes more
than a life time to understand it and make it work.... Colour is the
one factor that artist manipulate to stimulate emotions.

This is very apparent in the high key art you see the last few years.
There are people (note I did not call them artist) that have no idea
how to use the gaudy (screaming), colours and make them work.

Maurice de Vlaminck Maurice de Vlaminck [French Fauvist Painter,
1876-1958] was a master at making colours work ... I was fortunate to
see a large exhibition of his work at the Musée du Luxembourg in
Paris last year. Blew my mind.

Did you read the Response who said....
“Try as I might, I can’t see Jesus, a UFO or a ghost in this picture.
What am I missing?“
dah!!!!!!!! The whole exercise went right over the person's head.


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Subject: Lovely Spines
Posted by: Pistoles Press

I?m still plugging away at the Trilobite lineage blocks. I?ve carved two more from the sketches I?ve made. Even though I?m not finished by a long shot there is something so gratifying about this stretch of the project. The massive block I did with the border and horseshoe crab in the middle was very tedious. In the beginning, the copper stars and DNA border seemed fun and challenging but by the end of its completion I was getting repetition sickness! The horseshoe crab was interesting but the jury is still out for me as to whether I should leave it be or try to keep working with the design. With the Trilobites I sketch the image to my liking, carve the block, and then I?m done and can move on to the next trilobite. There?s enough variety for it to continue to be fun.
This little guy featured above is from the Lichida family of Trilobites. His name is Boedaspis ensifer and his head reminds me of a vacuum cleaner. I had fun carving his whip-like extensions.

Here is Eoharpes and will probably be the only Harpetida Trilobite that I will do. The Harpetida family has a few other variants but not distinct enough for me to do more. They mostly all have the same wide helm-like face that reminds me of a Trojan warrior.

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Subject: The Exhibition was a success
Posted by: Georgina

I have just returned from the opening of our exhibiton. It went very well, other than I am possibly one of the worst social networkers in the world. I met a Japanese Professor from a very good university in Japan. I was told he was very important and very famous in the Japanese art world. Unfortunately I am hopeless with names, so cannot name drop! He apparently liked my prints and I was trying to explain how I did them, I knew two words, no three in Japanese, Baren and Moku Hanga! I could not find the words or hand gestures to explain lino. My old lecturer who taught me at the Queensland College of Art later said the Professor wanted me to come back to Japan and study with him and I said "really" and after a suitable pause (where my lecturer possibly wondered about my intellectual capacity) said "just joking!" for a moment thoughts of abandoning my family and travelling to Japan to study HAD flitted across my brain! sadly to no avail- not that I would leave my precious children just to study printmaking! perish the thought.

I said I would take photos, well actually I forgot. In the beginning I was too busy chopping salami, cheese and carrots, then I was to busy catching up with everyone. I just love printmaking and I love my printmaking organisation Impress. I sold one print but got many good comments! In my world this is high success. Must learn some more Japanese words for next time.

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