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Posted by: Lynn

I've let a lot of time go by without blogging so I'll try doing some catchup work.   I had the good luck to find a Poco Proof Press #0  on ebay which was within driving distance.  This particular press is unusual, in that it's been sandblasted to remove all the paint, leaving what looks like a nickel coating on the press.    It weighs quite a lot but my husband and I managed to get it safely into my studio.   

The first problem to be solved was figuring out how to keep the press bed from rolling right on off the tabletop.   After putting out queries and getting lots of suggestions I replaced a missing rod on the inside center of the body which projects just enough to engage with similar projections at either end of the press bed.  When the end of the press bed reaches the center projection it can't go any further because the two projections bump up against each other.  I used nuts with bolts for the center projection and for the missing end projection on the bed.   

There are also two holes in the surface of each end of the press bed which are supposed to have rods to be used as stops for locking up forms.  In those holes I used bolts with several nuts  above the bed and one . . .
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