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From: "Oscar Bearinger"
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 13:10:20 GMT
Subject: [Baren 38133] apology et al
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I apologise for posting the same note twice -I am struggling with my internet-server-demon at present. Hopefully this mystery will be resolved. I will endeavour to keep a tighter rein on the demon :o) !!

Why are California and Ontario so far apart, Benny? Your work groups sound fantastic, and I would love to try a litho stone!
I am sure you learn a lot through the groups, and all the best with them.

Near a lake in Ontario

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Subject: Interlude ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Part-timer Ichikawa-san is coming over tomorrow morning to pick up the batch of prints, along with all the accompanying paperwork necessary for shipping. She has a pile of the books already made up, so the prints will be flying away to their new homes bit by bit over the next ten days or so.

It's now time for me to prepare the next batch of printing paper (another 112 sheets) for the second half of the run, but before I do, there's - as usual - a pile of paperwork waiting on my desk. Among the things on my 'to do' list:

"put the quote from the Ivins book on the RoundTable, and see what people think of it ..."

Do you know the book I mean? "How Prints Look", by William Ivins, Jr., published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1943, and since re-issued a couple of times. My copy cost 80 a couple of decades ago; I think you can find it in used bookshops anywhere ...

Most of the book is nothing particularly to do with my type of woodblock work, as it's all about the techniques used in making western prints, but in the essays at the back, he speaks in general terms, applicable to any kind of art.

There is one particular quote that I have always found fascinating, as it cuts very close to the bone for me. Rather than talk about it too much to start with, just let me put it on . . .
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Subject: Got a camera now!
Posted by: Pistoles Press

Yay! The cable finally came and I was able to download the images I have been snapping in the studio. This is a foreshortened view of the DNA border I have chosen for my Limulus print. I believe the entire length is just under 40" and was probably the hardest part of the border to carve. The intricate star was easier for some reason.

The repetition is enough to make you go cross eyed. I'm hoping my next print of this size will be easier as the board is a lot more organic.

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