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Message 1
From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 14:51:07 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37745] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V45 #4651 (Dec 27, 2008)
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I merely asked the question and made the comment about raw canvas to
alert people about the material. I feel the choice to use archival or
non archival materials is personal and up to the artist. However, it
is important to be aware and educated about the materials we use. If
raw canvas will give you the affect you want, use it, just know that
over time it will deteriorate.

I respect and admire gallery workers and museum folks who take the
time to be educated about the work they are selling or displaying. It
is extremely annoying to ask some one showing you work a question and
have them state that they do not know the answer. For example, is
this an etching??? Is this an original oil painting or is it a copy
printed onto canvas??? It is amazing to me how often I have asked very
basic questions only to be told that the person showing me art work
has no idea what they are showing.

Peace to all,
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Message 2
From: Lana Lambert
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 04:32:01 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37746] Re: More about materials
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Wow, is all I'm going to say about black electric tape around the edges of the painting. I mean, if anything else, why not painting the edges black with paint? It doesn't seem to bother customers that raw canvas folds are in view. It's just another testament to the materials used. Wow, electrical tape, wow.

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Message 3
From: bill thorn
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:05:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37747] RE: SSNW
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Dianne Cutter stated

'I resent an examination of the various members, myself included, and whether or not we are Baren members.'

Dear Dianne

Your stetement is nonsensical. If you are averse to having your participation discussed in the public domain, you should not be on SSNW. Have you examined the SSNW list settings?

Yahoo has several list settings for its yahoo groups. SSNW is set to make its message archive readable to the general public, ie it is not for members only and everything posted is in the public domain. In addition, some time ago Yahoo introduced RSS feeds to those groups that were not closed to the public, so everything posted to SSNW goes out on an RSS feed for syndication, should anyone be interested in syndicating the material posted.

message archive

RSS feed

Therefore you must be aware that all your participation is already openly available for examination and republication and by participating you are implicitely giving permission for re-publication. The SSNW messages are screeened and censored BEFORE publication by the list manager, but once published they and any technical information that they contain are in the public domain.

I merely made a casual statement and asked a question about the origins of the exchange. ie

"I note that everyone participating is a Barren member. What are the origins and history of this exchange please?"

What is offensive about asking about clarification on the exchange history? The Baren exchange co-ordinator is participating, everyone in the exchange appears to be in Baren. I copied the exchange list from SSNW to illustrate that my observation was NOT untrue ie Charles stated

"It is simply not true that only Bareners participate." The facts seem to indicate that it is true.

You also stated

"We had enough of this type of discussion the last time there was a solstice exchange invitation. Give it a rest!"

I'm sorry, I don't believe I was party to this discussion. Where can I find it online?

The concept of an exchange based on the Solstice is an unusual and interesting one. I would like to hear from Charles where he got the idea and how the exchange came about, hence my questions.

Sincerely Bill

Digest Appendix

Postings made on [Baren] members' blogs
over the past 24 hours ...

Subject: Fruit Alphabet Exhange Spoiler - Part 2
Posted by: Amie Roman

I started work on the actual print this week, in between snow shoveling. Dave had a bunch of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) that he said I could use, so I was keen to give it a try. He also bought me a FlexShaft for our Dremel rotary power carving tool. The FlexShaft is an extension of the tool that has a smaller diameter so that its easier to hold. It's also more maneuverable. The Dremel powers the extension piece, so you can carve easily without worrying about bumping the power control while carving, and it's lighter to use so your hands don't get tired quite as fast.

I did a few modifications to my original design. I liked the look of the crown, but then Dave reminded me that oak (Quercus species) starts with Q too, so I changed her crown to be one of oak leaves & acorns. I transferred the image to the MDF block by tracing the image with graphite paper (kind of like old-fashioned carbon paper, but less messy and much finer results). Unfortunately, the transfer wasn't quite strong enough, so I redrew the traced image with a pencil.

Then I revved up the Dremel & Shop-Vac and went to work.

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