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Subject: Horse Knows the Way -- Print
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Horse Knows the Way, thalo blue w/ a dab of red.

Mirror scan of block -- faux print (curious -- comes out darker, but more or less the same woodcut marks as the print).

I'm wondering now. Would the mirror scan of the block copy better for the xmas cards than the actual print? But I do want it in blue, not black. Hmm. Also the print is a little lighter (and has the natural uneveness of a print -- well, my print anyway). ;-j

This is really new for me, so much white space on a block. I like it, but it was hard to make myself do it (not to mention using tiny tools to do it with). ;-j

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Subject: More development as the Persimmon readies for its debut!
Posted by: Pistoles Press

Ah, winter. How you mock me! The benefit to having a studio in the basement is that it is nice and cool in the summer time...which means I freeze my butt off in the winter. Often, my hands get chapped and I have lotion nearby but sometimes I can't feel wether or not my hands are too oily in the cold. So when I went to peel the pasted registration prints from the color blocks it became apparent that yeah, my hands were still greasy. Luckily, the masa didn't put up too much of a fight and the oiled part of the block happened to be a spot that was going to get chipped out anyway.

Here are all the blocks to be used in this print. The dark one with the chips of veneer that remain is going to be the light blue quatrefoil pattern. This one gave me fits. The wood under the veneer (it was 3-ply Shina) was very splintery so when I went to clear out an area near one of the diamonds part of the grain that ran underneath a print area came right out. Much cursing ensued but Mr. Wood Glue bottle saved the day. Yay! My hero! I am very proud of the dark blue area block that you can see below.

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Subject: The Evolution of Psalm 11: continued
Posted by: Daniel L. Dew

I promised, so here it is, the final (well, I haven't proofed it yet, so some minor details may change), but this is the final block.

All the credit for the foreground goes to my lovely and wise wife, Lisa, who said "Where's the shadow?"
Duh, she was right. With the lighting the way I had it, there should have been a shadow. Hence, the foreground! She also recommended I change the landscape in the doorway to an angle, she was right on that also.

Behind every good man stands a better woman.

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Subject: October Afternoon
Posted by: Robert Simola

5" x 7" cherry wood block print on Somerset
with Graphic Chemical bone-black ink.

October afternoon, and still I wait

For you to re-appear. ?It isn?t fair.?

You told me. ?Why am I the only one

To have to suffer?? Silently, I want

Exploding stars, and black volcanic ash

To cover up the world. Instead I get

The northern lights and melancholy whales,

Spring flowers growing in the cracked-clay dirt,

And ruby-throated hummingbirds, and bees.

Whatever happened? In a thoughtless world

The rainbows are supposed to all turn grey

While scorpions of frightful size attack.

Guitars and salsa music shouldn?t play,

Are inappropriate unless they?re played

With broken strings.

But nothing, nothing?s changed.

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