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  1. [Baren 34982] Exchange #35 update ("Mike Lyon")
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Message 1
From: "Mike Lyon"
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 10:47:44 -0600
Subject: [Baren 34982] Exchange #35 update
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Exchange #35 status, end of day Feb 2, 2008 (today's mail hasn't yet
arrived) - this coming Friday is the final deadline - prints which haven't
been delivered to me by Friday will NOT be included in the exchange!

These printers have delivered their editions to me and may relax:

received 01/22/2008: Claudia G Coonen

received 01/22/2008: Aya Rosen

received 01/25/2008: Barbara Patera

received 01/26/2008: John Center

received 01/28/2008: Tiberiu Chelcea

received 01/28/2008: Lana Lambert

received 01/28/2008: Connie Pierson

received 01/28/2008: Steffan Ziegler

received 01/30/2008: Peter Kocak

received 01/30/2008: Jennifer Schmitt

received 02/01/2008: Barbara Carr

received 02/01/2008: Michael Gaffney

received 02/01/2008: Tom Kristensen

taken for granted: Mike Lyon

The rest of you might be feeling VERRRRRRRY nervous now! Only FOUR days
left to DELIVER prints to me:

not received: Bobette Mccarthy (who is waitlisted because the rest of you
grabbed slots in this exchange first)

not received: Viza Arlington

not received: Chris Blank

not received: Robert Swain Charles

not received: Diane Cutter

not received: Gillyin Gatto

not received: Mary Grassell

not received: Annette Haines

not received: George Jarvis

not received: Sharen Linder

not received: Ivan Locke

not received: Rahman Mohamed

not received: Mellissa Read-Devine

not received: Julio Rodriguez

not received: Ned Rosen

not received: Sylvia Taylor

not received: Robert Viana

Get a move on, people!!!


Mike Lyon
Kansas City, MO
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Message 2
From: Karla Cott
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 10:51:48 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 34983] Re: Baren Digest (old) V42 #4220
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Hi, My name is Karla Cott. I have recently joined your forum hoping to get to know other people who do printmaking to share ideas and knowledge. I'm from Puerto Rico were we have a very rich printmaking tradition, specially on woodcut and silkscreen. Regarding your thread, printmaking appeals to me because its very relaxing for me. I can spend hours working and it helps me focus. Also I like the multiples aspect of printmaking, though I am not necessarily interested in printing 20 or a 100 of the same image. Usually I try to make few prints, with different versions, playing with the inks, or printing on fabric or plastic....
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Message 3
From: Blog Manager
Date: 5 Feb 2008 04:56:31 -0000
Subject: [Baren 34984] Baren Member blogs: Update Notification
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This is an automatic update message being sent to [Baren] by the forum blog software.

The following new entries were found on the listed printmaker's websites during the past 24 hours. (42 sites checked, five minutes before midnight Eastern time)


Site Name: Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

Item: Watercolor: What're we doing Today?


Site Name: Pistoles Press

Author: Pistoles Press
Item: Rough Seas


[Baren] members: if you have a printmaking blog (or a website with a published ATOM feed), and wish it to be included in this daily checklist, please write to the Baren Blog Manager at:

For reference, sites/blogs currently being checked are: