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From: Sharri LaPierre
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 21:04:02 -0800
Subject: [Baren 34969] Re: why printmaking?
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I love your question and here is my answer:
Printmaking is important because it preserves a part of human history
as one of the earliest mediums for making art and provides that
continuum from past eras. It has been the middle classes
introduction to fine art for centuries, and continues to be to this
day. It has been used throughout history as means of political
activism and continues to be used as such. It is a form of making art
that is not instant gratification. It requires time, patience and
careful planning to produce an effective print. Developing the traits
necessary to make prints is at the same time developing life
skills. Printmaking as a means of making art provides the artist
with a plethora of tools for a variety of effects that cannot be
achieved by any other medium.

I hope you can use some of that - pick and choose is the name of the

Cheers ~

BTW since drawing is closely related to printmaking please,
everyone, check out the following website for a prospectus to an
upcoming juried show "Drawing Attention". : -)
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Message 3
From: Jan Telfer
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 18:08:58 +0800
Subject: [Baren 34970] Re: Barbara's printmaking discussion
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On Saturday, February 2, 2008, at 05:39 AM, wrote:

> Why printmaking? What makes it necessary as an art
> form?

Bob was certainly correct from a general public viewpoint and those not
interested in art full stop, but then there are others who feel the
same about other pastimes.... surfing, golf, car racing, sailing,
parashuting, hang gliding, retail therapy, flying, going to the
pictures, meeting for coffee, etc. There are other pastimes like
quilting, dressmaking, painting, carpentry, sculpture, paper making,
pottery, writing, and others...... which can have a successful
financial outcome. It all comes down to personal preference and what
we find satisfying and creative and gives us as individuals our own
feeling of success or personal achievement....... there are not too
many activities that we don't succeed in that we persevere with which
don't have those attributes for us.

Included in those latter attributes in printmaking is the social
aspect. Many of us work in isolation, but our interest in this
activity draws us to other printmakers who are like-minded from other
printmaking disaplines who are also interested in the outcomes of
print...... I like etching too, but prefer not to get bogged down in
oil based ink cleaning each plate, so admire the work of those that do,
but they too are still printmakers and we share our interest in the

I think it is the achievement in an activity that we like doing.... the
carving aspect, the printing aspect and/ or the final print that drives
us on.

Creativity..... in making something we call our own, "the making of
art", the Therapy that goes with it is beyond words and being able to
share what we have done with others makes us all members of Baren
Woodblock Printmakers.

If we sell work ........ an added bonus!! More wood, more ink, more
paper, more postage!!!

Good luck with your project Barbara,

Western Australia