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  3. [Baren 34801] Re: Exchange 33 ("Mark Mason")
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Message 1
From: David Harrison
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 13:30:52 +0000
Subject: [Baren 34799] Re: wood
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Mark Mason wrote:
> I think there's a business opening in the UK for an Importer/Stockist to
> supply Schools, Art Colleges and individual artists with blocks rather than
> us all having to grub around for offcuts and DIY store materials which are
> just too coarse for developing fine linework. Some kind of co-operative
> bulk buying scheme between artists may be another route.

Seconded. It's a little daft that in a country of 60 million people it's
impossible to source something that straightforward! It might be worth a quick
chat with a few people about shipping (I can probably raise a contact or two
there) and about getting blocks finished, from both Shina and 'real' wood, at
this end. I don't think there's much interest among the usual suspects --
Lawrence, etc -- in sorting anything out at a decent price. Maybe a joint
venture with someone smaller such as Hawthorn might work?
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Message 2
From: Cucamongie # aol.com
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 09:09:06 EST
Subject: [Baren 34800] presses
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Hi folks, I have a Faust press which I bought from Baren person Jon Gernon
and it works fabulously for solarplates, monoprints etc. I have not tried it
for woodblock but would imagine it works fine -- you could ask Jon about
that. It is a simply, very sturdily made press made by Faust (the same Faust as
the inks).

best wishes
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Message 3
From: "Mark Mason"
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 14:54:51 -0000
Subject: [Baren 34801] Re: Exchange 33
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I'd like to thank Angee Lennard for coordinating Exchange 33 which arrived this morning. It's been a pleasure to leaf through the prints and study the techniques and images, so also thanks to everyone involved for such an interesting range of prints. The colophon information added an additional layer of understanding which was very useful and adds a personal touch; as if the artist were stood beside you.

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Message 4
From: Jennifer Martindale
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 17:45:33 +0000
Subject: [Baren 34802] Re Mark Mason
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I have long been a lurker but the discussion on suppliers in the UK has brought me out. I too have been struggling to locate good suppliers in the UK and would love to exchange contacts and if necessary go in with a joint bulk buy if we can make that work. I have found sources for paper and colours, but others may know better ones.

To introduce myself, I live in Dorset (UK) and have a cabin studio at the bottom of the garden. I have been following the David Bull site for some years, and have been working at the woodblock/water colour printmaking for a little while. I am about to participate in the Open Studio project this summer which will be the first time I have 'gone public' with the work (except for a few entries with the local art society.)

This is the most amazing group of people I have come across, and each day I learn something. All the best Jennifer
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Message 5
From: "Mike Lyon"
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 12:32:39 -0600
Subject: [Baren 34803] uRE: A couple technical questions
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Dear Alex,

Nice print! I particularly like the green/yellow and the (perhaps
unintentional) bokashi in the printing of the detail block and/or the key
block -- where it/they fade toward the bottom! Nice!

Your question 1a about solvent transfer... Smearing with solvent means 'too
much solvent' doesn't take much at all -- try this 'hand' method: attach
your toner-plan face down onto the block -- hold it with tape in areas where
you won't be putting solvent. Dampen a second sheet of toner (or thin
blotter) with solvent and blot it and let it evaporate until there are NO
SHINY places (but don't let it dry out) -- then put this solvent sheet over
your toner sheet and rub with spoon (solvent is kinda hard on the ol'

Question 1b about heat transfer -- I've never had much luck with heat
transfer of toner -- poor transfer and, as you say, brittle and poorly
adhered toner on the block.

Question 1c about pasting hanshita -- the following is MUCH easier and safer
than either toner transfer method, and easier than traditional hanshita
paste-down and rub-off! Make your keyblock image including kento and
reverse the image (flip horizontal) then photo-copy (or whatever) enough
copies for your blocks. Mix up some thinnish rice paste and apply thinly
all over the block, patting it into tiny 'peaks' then adhere the keyblock
plan (hanshita) to the block face up (quickly so it doesn't buckle as it
dampens and tries to expand), pat it down smooth (without stretching) and
let dry. Do this for each block. Then carve 'em -- you won't even know the
paper is there! When carving is done, dampen the surface for a few minutes
and wipe off the remaining paper. VOILA! VERY easy, ALMOST traditional,
and works GREAT for virtually all images. Try this! You'll like it!

http://picasaweb.google.com/aizurie links to an album of photos from a
workshop I taught year before last -- shows photocopies pasted onto blocks,
carving through the paper, printing the blocks -- examples of this and other
block-planning approaches from several different students. You might find
something here you'll be able to use?

Question 2 -- hard to see in your photo, but looks to me like either
goma-zuri or, more likely, paper was too 'hard' (insufficiently damp) -- If
I were you, I'd re-dampen some sheets, let 'em sit overnight, and re-print
the red with a bit more paste -- I think that'll do the trick!

Best, and congratulations on your nice print,


Mike Lyon
Kansas City, MO
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