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Message 1
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:22:39 EDT
Subject: [Baren 33622] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V39 #3944 (Jun 20, 2007)
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Especially to Aliza in Maine-- I certainly did introduce Holly Meade to
Baren and she was thrilled to learn that such a group exists.
She has her gallery in Sedgwick, Maine which is down the road from Brooklin
and Blue Hill.
Carol Lyons
Irvington, NY
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Message 2
From: "Marilynn Smith"
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 14:51:18 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33623] Re: Baren Digest (old) V39 #3943
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I soon will be putting together my studio space here in Washington.
Question: I have problems with my back. today when running 20 sheets for a
print series I had to stop 3/4 of the way through the second color. What is
the best type of working table or bench to help with this??? Do I want
something higher do I want to stand???? I would like to plan this out before
I place my furniture inside. Thanks. Oh I might add that I am temporarily
working outside on a picnic table and I am doing hanga.
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Message 3
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 07:37:58 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33624] SWNS07 Exchange
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Hello everyone,

Fair warning ... this is your last chance to sign up for the Southern
Winter Northern Summer 2007 mini-print exchange. As of this morning
we have 24 participants. Exchange details are posted below.

Cheers ..... Charles

##### SWNS07 #####


The SSNW and SWNS exchanges are print exchanges conducted by an
independent group of printmakers from around the world at the time of
the two yearly solstices. Our exchanges are open to anyone who would
like to participate. We have a Yahoo group under the title SSNW. You
may see prints from our past exchanges posted on that site.

Just to avoid any possible confusion, although many of our
participants are members of the Baren group, we have no official
connection with Baren, and this is not a Baren exchange.

Here are the details for our next exchange.

Coordinator: Tina Moore

Deadline for sign-ups: June 21, 2007

Deadline for prints to arrive at coordinator's address: August 1, 2007

Tina Moore
40 Herbert St.
Laura 5480
South Australia

Paper size: 5.5 x 7.5 inches or 14 x 19 cm ... 1/16 of a standard
sheet of printing paper

Medium: ... no restrictions, any editionable technique you like ...

etching, lithograph, lino, woodblock, collagraph, foilograph,
serigraph, pochoir, digital, etc.

Theme: The theme for this exchange is "weather". This can be
interpreted in so many ways that it should suit most everyone. You
can think about people with sunny or cloudy dispositions. You can
think about the solstice and the differences between weather in the
northern and southern hemispheres at that time of year. You can think
about global warming and the environment. And so on and so on.

Cost: For those in Australia, the cost will be $10 AUD. For those
everywhere else in the world the cost will be $10 USD. You can send
cash, or Tina has indicated she has a Paypal account. Follow the
usual procedure to send money via Paypal, and give the Paypal folks
the following email address for Tina:

Sign-up procedure: To sign up, you may just indicate your desire to
do so in an email to the Yahoo group SSNW, providing you are a
member of the SSNW group. Alternatively, you can send me a private email at:

Edition Size: We will not have a final edition size until the close
of the signup period. At that point we will let everyone know how
many prints are needed. In past years, the number has been around 30,
and we expect much the same again this year. In the past we have made
provision for those who wish only limited participation. If, after
the final number of signups is known, you only wish to submit a
smaller number of prints, we will allow you to do so, but you will
only receive that smaller number of prints in return.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.
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Message 4
From: "Jean Womack"
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 07:53:05 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33625] rice paste
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For rice paste preservative, I use a few drops of Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, if I don't have any oil of cloves.. That's the rubbing alcohol you buy in the pharmacy, not the kind that comes in a bottle from the Napa-Sonoma area of California. If you are drinking rubbing alcohol, your last act should be to reach over and dial 911 because you are close to death. I think a really wonderful glass of Cabernet would not do the rice paste much good and would probably make it slightly pink. Just because it says alcohol on the label does not mean it's OK to drink it. I think the doctors recommend a glass of wine or two a week, because it does kill a few unfriendly bugs: I am sure they don't mean people who have one glass of Pinot Noir and then can't stop until the whole bottle is gone.

I have been told that if I am seeing stars, it means there is formaldehyde in the water. They said that during the Russian River flood back in the 1990's. I don't know how that flood got into our water system, but it did somehow. It looks like little blips of light when you close your eyes or even if you keep them open. Formaldehyde is what they use for a preservative in biological supply specimen houses. I went to visit one when I was a teenager, one summer when I went to science camp. They had all sorts of things in those bottles, including human fetuses. The formaldehyde smell in that place was overwhelming and unforgettable. I don't know what they do when they run out of specimens to study. I guess it's like the head hunters in Papua New Guinea: they go out and kill a few more, because they need the money. Oh sorry, I should stay on the topic of rice paste. It won't happen again. I sure don't want a biological supply house on my case too.
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Message 5
From: "Mike Lyon"
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:26:35 -0500
Subject: [Baren 33626] Re: Rice Paste preservative
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You should be able to purchase "formalin" (not formaldehyde which is
extremely toxic) -- formalin is a weaker formaldehyde solution and, when
added to the water used to dampen your paper will about double the open time
of the damp stack. You can add it to rice paste in order to inhibit later
bio-growth, but it only extends the useful life of prepared paste by a day
or two... Formalin has an odor -- don't use so much that your eyes water --
if you have it on your skin constantly (through careless use), you're likely
to develop dermatitis. My MD neighbor swears it isn't absorbed into the
body through the skin and poses no health risk as long as you aren't bathing
in it, drinking it, or snorting it. Personally, after nasty dermatitis, I
still use it but handle with more respect.

Rice paste is 'wetter' than methyl cellulose -- methyl cellulose is stronger
and clearer (stronger is NOT necessarily a 'plus' here) -- they 'feel'
different during printing but both work well. Rice paste is so quick and
easy to make -- I have a hot plate and a small double boiler in my printing
area and I boil a half inch of water, mix up about a heaping teaspoon or two
of powder rice starch into a quarter cup of water, stir it constantly over
the boiling water in the bottom half of my double boiler, and after three or
four minutes it's thick and 'ready'... I usually mix a bit more water into
it after it cools (it thickens a bit more as it cools) 'to taste'. I make
new paste as needed during the day and I discard unused paste at the end of
the day and make fresh as needed each day.

Methyl cellulose doesn't 'mix' into the damp block and pigment as readily as
rice paste -- but this is a marginal difference and shouldn't keep you from
using it -- it works very well. It mixes into cold water, but it's best to
let freshly mixed paste sit several days (stirring or shaking from time to
time) before using as it has a tendency to be a bit 'clumpy' or not so
homogenous during the first 8 to 30 hours.

The advantages of rice paste over methyl cellulose are a) it's the
traditional Japanese vehicle and b) it really loves water and brushes into
block and pigment easily and rapidly.

The advantages of methyl cellulose over rice paste are a) it is CHEAP b) it
is readily available c) it keeps for weeks or months without spoiling

Mildew (or a mildew-like mold) DOES eventually develop in methyl cellulose,
but it takes months -- in the time it takes to perceive pin prick colonies
of mold in methyl cellulose, rice paste completely breaks down and grows


Mike Lyon
Kansas City, MO
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Message 6
From: peter kocak
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:03:54 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Baren 33627] Re: Baren Digest (old) V39 #3943
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Hi Marilynn,of course,you should use the right table higher when you r standing by,you have to stay vertical,or seat needer by table ?
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Message 7
From: Julio.Rodriguez #
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 16:22:07 -0500
Subject: [Baren 33628] Re: Rice Paste preservative
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I too swear by rice paste (actually flour paste) and I use the recipes
similar to what Mike and Dave use....I love using the traditional tools
and funny paste story goes back a few years when working on
the first LPE (Large Print Exchange) ...I was running out of room in my
garage/studio so I put some of the prints to dry outside.....these were
large prints around 27 X 20" ....within 1/2 hour I had ants crawling all
over the
prints....other bugs too....not sure if it was the sizing in the Japanese
paper or the yummy rice paste that attracted all the critters....most
likely it was the flour based paste....or maybe they just were Art

Julio (Skokie, Illinois)
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Message 8
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 14:40:57 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33629] cairn update!
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Only 14 left to get here.

If you have not contacted me at all and you find your name NOT in bold,
please send me a "I'm working on it" so I can start planning the printing.
Some of you have sent me an email already telling me where you are in the
process and I appreciate that.
I will be sending this email to the addies for which I have not received the
blocks yet as well.

Here's the page with the latest receivals bolded:

Thanks to all who sent their blocks on time and also to the stragglers.
Better late than never!


Maria Arango
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Message 9
From: lunar_project23 #
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:45:41 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33630] IRAQ exchange update
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Hi Everyone,

The non-baren side exchange known as IRAQ by theme is winding to a
conclusion. Maria has received less than half of the prints.I myself
am among the laggers so how can I complain? As the deadline was May
1st, please finish prints, those of you who signed up, and send them
on to maria. I know there are already some beautiful prints waiting
to be joined. BTW, if you have had trouble getting this done, there
is no penalty for writing even now and dropping out. If you know you
won't be able to send by July 7, please write to maria or myself and
we will shorten the list- those who sent 24 or 25 will get any extra
prints back. The rest of us need to get our stuff together and finish

Thanks for reading,

Robin Morris
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Message 10
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 17:21:30 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33631] Re: cairn update!
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Jan T just sent me an email stating that Bea Gold has died. She said
you made the comment that Bea had sent her Cairn block just before
her death. Is there any truth to that? I had email from her on June
15, so I was skeptical. I have seen no announcement on Baren.

Cheers ..... Charles