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Message 1
From: lunar_project23 #
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 11:59:37 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33110] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V39 #3855 (Apr 4, 2007)
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Hi all,
Two things: The reply buttons for the baren list don't work for me-
they open my Safari (apple) browser and I get an error. I'll report
it to apple, the bug, but maybe Mike or someone knows about this- I
can just hit reply and delete the digest text to reply so no biggie.
Also the message from Colleen was quite interesting, Wanda, but the
URL was not included- could u pass along the link, or did she forget
to include it? Congrats to Colleen, sounds like a cool show and a
really nice venue for it.
In the 2 months my drawings and prints hung in the Co-op cafe here ,
among a few different looking proofs I also hung a few carved blocks,
to show process.
Seems like people really need to see process to get into prints, the
best way being demonstration, as Patti did so well at our lisecond
exhibition of tools, prints, blocks, etc and explanatory text.

Anyone from the list, btw, who is in the area, A wake and art show
opening for Carol Gilbert-Wagner will happen on the 14th of April at
Coffee Garden, Franklin Street, Sacramento. Call me for details etc.
at 916-873-3637.

Robin Morris
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Message 2
From: Wanda Robertson
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 16:39:35 -0700
Subject: [Baren 33111] Again....with URL
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Begin forwarded message:

>> Dear Baren Members,
>> I am now preparing a printmaking exhibition which
>> will open next May (most likely may 27) in conjunction with the
>> opening of "Dedalo", a new
>> contemporary art center set in the Abruzzi mountains in ITALY
>> The art center is a three storey country house converted into an art
>> studio with
>> printmaking facilities, and with accommodation for visiting artists
>> (more information will come soon on a website which will be online
>> soon)
>> The exhibition I am preparing will instruct the
>> public of various printmaking techniques and I will show works from my
>> print collection including works from previous exchanges.
>> If you click on the link below you will get a list of artists who
>> will be in this show -- please note -- that if you are not on this
>> list, please let me know and I will see what I can do to include you
>> too! Because of framing costs I cannot display more than one work per
>> artist unless you provide yourself with an extra frame.
>> Those of you who were in the deck of cards exchange will all be
>> displayed as a large frame containing all the cards is already
>> hanging in the studio.
>> I am also thinking of making an exhibition catalogue but to defray
>> costs I would need to ask some of you who would be interested to be
>> in it to pay a small fee for insertion of yur work. What do you
>> think? - please note that this exhibition is free and i do not have
>> any funding at all if not from myself!
>> Colleen Corradi
>> Italy
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Message 3
From: Blog Manager
Date: 5 Apr 2007 03:55:28 -0000
Subject: [Baren 33112] Baren Member blogs: Update Notification
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This is an automatic update message being sent to [Baren] by the forum blog software.

The following new entries were found on the listed printmaker's websites during the past 24 hours. (32 sites checked, five minutes before midnight Eastern time)


Site Name: The Itinerant Artist

Author: Diane Cutter
Item: Two new woodcuts with Taino Indian designs, both...


Site Name: Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

Author: Belinda Del Pesco
Item: Watercolor: Birds on my Counter

Author: Belinda Del Pesco
Item: Watercolor: Albanian Window

Author: Belinda Del Pesco
Item: Trace Monotype & Watercolor


Site Name: Blue Notes - A Printmaking Sojourn

Author: Jenn
Item: Helium

Author: Jenn
Item: Elements


[Baren] members: if you have a printmaking blog (or a website with a published ATOM feed), and wish it to be included in this daily checklist, please write to the Baren Blog Manager at:

For reference, sites/blogs currently being checked are:
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Message 4
From: "colleen #"
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 08:52:47 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
Subject: [Baren 33113] hi
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I am just checking if this is working

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Message 5
From: Katherine Anteney-Tipper
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 09:36:46 +0100
Subject: [Baren 33114] members galleries - HELP!!
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Hi there everyone.
I don't know if this is a correct subject for the digest
I am slowly getting the hang of this - I keep looking for the digest
on the website - to make the posting there. Can you only post via email?

anyway I would like to put an image on the website on the members
gallery but I just do not understand the instructions at all. What is
an ftp url??? Sounds like knitting... Would anyone out there like to
do this for me? I can send the image at the right res.

anyway - back on topic - here is some news... I have got an
exhibition in a biggish gallery in Southampton in November - it's a
new gallery called The Bargate Monument Gallery - It's a medieval
building. (
I am going to do some big woodcuts of full length people I think. I
want to make it a bit of a freak show as there are some crazy looking
people around this town. I will include text too - things I overhear
people saying on buses etc but I think I will use my vast collection
of wooden type for the text - life is sometimes toooo short to cut!
(I have also been collecting the posters that they put in the stands
for the local paper - with some bizarre headlines. But sorry folks as
there is only one of each of them they are going to be monoprinted on!!)

I'll keep you posted as to how I am doing with the woodblocks though
- I'm thinking egon schiele! I have been really getting into cutting
lines so they look drawn - perhaps that was another unexpected thing
from the japanese course. I like the idea that the japanese didn't
want the print to look like it was cut.

I won't do a print exchange this year I think. I have already
committed myself to the print zero - and then this show came up so...
I might spread myself a bit thin.

hopefully I'll be able to post an image soon. The ones on my website
are v old.

K x
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Message 6
From: David Harrison
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 09:43:05 +0100
Subject: [Baren 33115] Re: members galleries - HELP!!
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Hi Katherine,

I can give you a hand this time, and ftp isn't so terrible if someone
walks you through how to do it. Happy to give you some pointers later if
you like.

best regards,

David H
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Message 7
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 04:50:06 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Baren 33116] Re: hi
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Hi, Colleen... It worked for me!