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Message 1
From: L Cass
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 10:29:13 -0500
Subject: [Baren 32364] Re: artist agents
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Barbara -
I guess you didn't understand my situation - I was speaking for
artists in general -and was pleased to relate that there are ordinary people
out there who appear to be enjoying and buying woodcuts (mine,
occasionally -believe it or not!)

I'm not unhappy with my personal situation and have in the past, been
with several good commercial galleries who sold pretty well for me -
the last one who I 'liked and trusted' and 'pushed' my work
unfortunately closed (in debt maybe for being so decent and tired of having to
butter up wealthy clients, etc) with the advice to try going it alone
or go with someone most of his 'stable' went to- I was too lazy (actually,
too involved in family care) and living too far away at the time to
do the latter - now,one would like an independent agent to do it all - yes,
I'm aware there are agents here who buy for corporations but very
few, I believe. I've been approached by promoters in the U.S. re reproducing
stuff but the shipping,etc. presents problems.

This is really the point of what I'm saying - at a certain stage ,
one no longer wishes to become or compete with the 'superstars' (like
Chihuly, e.g.)
it's good to feel no one is being demanding (galleries can and often
do dictate what they want with advice on what sells -and these may be
places with splendid reputations) so that's not always the route for
everyone. Maria Arango is to be much admired for being independent
and 'going it alone' successfully.

I think that what I'm trying to say is that there is always a choice
- artists may wish to make the huge effort of marketing themselves ,
finding galleries
or agents, etc or as many Bareners have been saying, be content
earning bread and butter in various ways (and not being too proud to accept any
help that comes along ;family or other patronage, e.g. - remember
poor old Van Gogh and his brother- there are even contemporary artists with
this kind of relationship.) Just try to be happy with what one's
creating even though it can be agonizing.

One can't blame lack of education for people not appreciating art -
some relate to to it and some don't no matter how well they're educated.

What a rant - but I hope everyone who may read this gets the point of
what I'm saying.

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Message 2
From: "Marilynn Smith"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 08:02:28 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32365] Re: Baren Digest (old) V37 #3719
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Hey there are cities besides New York and And places in Europe that really
are art centers. Here on the west coast San Francisco has always been an
art center. I, think, now Seattle is growing into a city with enough
culture to have at least the beginnings of an art center and a good place to
I say, listen to those who are busy getting their work before the publics
view. I once curated a show and a person from a gallery came in and to the
delight of the gal who was making hand made jewelry, the gallery person
asked her for pieces to show. You just never know when someone will see
your work and want it.
Yes I know I said I had stopped selling. Not quite true as I am known in my
area and get an occasional request. It just became too hard to keep track
of work when I am gone out of country half the year. And too hard to pack
work down here for people to show it, that old truck was full without me
pushing the husband to bring along art work. So for me it will be my own
studio gallery in a great and growing coastal tourist area. We do have to
take advantage of what we have. For Maria one great advantage to her doing
shows is that a great many good shows are in the southwest ( Nevada is
certainly closer for that travel than the tip of a small peninsula in
Washington), another area where art sells!
You have to know your lifestyle, yourself and what you are willing to do and
than do it. I have seen what has happened over the years on my coastal area
and the successful artists have thier own studio spaces on one of our main
streets, the galleries here are mostly frame shops that are owned and
operated by artists or the spouses of artists. And, yes they do make a great
portion of their money from framing. Who cares, they are also selling art!
Maria, my husband thinks your cherry ply is top grade! I got my first
blister of the season tho carving on it! But the image is coming along well,
I think!
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Message 3
From: cucamongie #
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 20:49:22 -0500
Subject: [Baren 32366] need clarification for Year of the Boar mailing list
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Hi folks, I'm getting my labels ready for my year of the boar prints, as my little boar will be running out of here soon.

I noticed that someone from Turkey signed up for the exchange, but the name and address didn't come out clearly. So if you're out there, perhaps you could re-submit to the list or whatever seems like the easiest solution to communicate your contact information clearly so that you can receive the year of the boar prints.

best to all,
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Message 4
From: "Doug"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 19:32:16 -0700
Subject: [Baren 32367] Exchange 30
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Hello fellow bareners.

An update on Exchange 30, for you to consider. Thanks to a lot of sleuthing,
Mike Lyon tracked down Dirk Spece, one of two printmakers that have not
sent in their editions to your exchange. I spoke with Dirk this afternoon,
and he apologizes for not being prompt, but has promised me he will have
his prints to me by the 21st of December.

Here are the posers for everyone.
1)We can say we will wait for these two, as they have promised to get their
prints in, and we will have complete portfolios. As we are already in a
heavy time for the US Postal Service, and probably for the POs in Canada
and NZ, I don't really want these special packages to get lost in the shuffle.


2)Doggone it, I had my prints in a timely manner, and anyone participating
should be professional about it too, and I want my prints. Ship 'em out
now, and let those that failed get their just desserts...................

So go ahead and vote. It may not influence my decision (heehee) but being
the gentle despot that I am, I will weigh your votes in what I do.

Thanks. And if you are the printmaker that has told me he will get the
prints to me this week (at least twice) you have just a little bit of breathing
room-for now.

Best regards to everyone.


2521 W. Dale Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
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Message 5
From: "Terry Peart"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 18:47:41 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32368] Re: Exchange 30
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Doug and all,
I vote for #1 - wait until Dec 21st.
Terry P
Renton, Washington
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Message 6
From: "Ellen Shipley"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 19:14:43 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32369] Re: Exchange 30
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By this time of year, it's probably best to wait until after the holidays to
post the prints, so I vote for waiting.


print blog:
sketch blog:
dog blog:
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Message 7
From: "Doug"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 20:12:59 -0700
Subject: [Baren 32370] Re: Exchange 30
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Thanks Terry. You are very kind!


2521 W. Dale Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
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Message 9
From: Wanda Robertson
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 23:46:20 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32372] Re: Exchange 30
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Ha! Don't give Julio any breathing room! :-)

I vote to wait, but don't tell him that!

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Message 10
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 02:56:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 32373] Re: Exchange 30
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Hi, Doug...

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I vote #1 for waiting a little longer.

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Message 11
From: "Barbara Carr"
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 04:53:48 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32374] Re: Exchange 30
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Hi Doug-
Even though I would have liked the extra time (nearly 2 months!) to
let my prints dry, I, too, will join the festive vote and say, "Let's
Barbara C