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Message 1
From: l k
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 06:35:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Baren 30680] Dosa
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Hi, Bareners...
I've been given two different kinds of paper from Hiromi
25 sheets of each...but, have no idea what they are...
that need sizing.
Never done this before.
I've ordered the sizing kit from McClains
which has instructions I'll be following....
once I pick it up at the postoffice...
Are there any tips, hints, things I should watch out for
or problems everyone winds up doing their first time
that might be good to know about in advance?
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Message 2
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:27:02 -0700
Subject: [Baren 30681] last call for pile of rocks
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Hear ye! hear ye! Join 73 world wide printmakers!

Last call for participants for the Great Baren Cairn! Deadline for signing
up will be a week from now: FRIDAY APRIL 21, 2006
Here is all the information and the form to sign up:

Maria...sharpening the jig-saw blades...

Maria Arango
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Message 3
From: Linden Langdon
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 11:47:02 +1000 (EST)
Subject: [Baren 30682] paper and tools
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Hi all,

I've been reading the posts about tools quite keenly - so much diversity in each form of printmaking and yet again with the woodcut I find there is a huge amount to learn! Paper also seems more accessible on the web? I can't say that there there is much choice here in Tasmania, so does anyone have any recommendations for places to purchase paper online? Any clues would be much appreciated.

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Message 4
From: baren_member #
Date: 15 Apr 2006 01:54:47 -0000
Subject: [Baren 30683] web site.

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Message 5
From: baren_member #
Date: 15 Apr 2006 01:56:07 -0000
Subject: [Baren 30684] Web Site

Message posted from: Dale Phelps

I finally got a web site opened. Please visit at

Dale Phelps, Waterloo, IA
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Message 6
From: "Kristine Alder"
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:03:21 -0600
Subject: [Baren 30685] Re: Favorite Tools
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It has been a while since I chimed in on any discussion on Baren-- most of the time I 'listen' and observe. It's not because I have nothing to share or lack opinions and knowledge of my own. It's mostly because my life is so busy, that I am lucky to read through all of the posts or even the digests, let alone add my two cents to the discussions. But I didn't want you to think I had deserted the group or given up printmaking, so I'm tossing in a little personal info as well as Baren related info.
Just returned from a glorious week in Boston, Mass.! I spent the last couple of days of March thru April 5th there soaking in the culture and the history (as well as some sunshine which has been only a distant memory here in Northern Utah for many months). I was a chaperone for one of the top high school bands in the nation, in which my son is a percussionist, as they participated in a prestigious Festival of Gold competition. They performed exceptionally at Boston's Symphony Hall, and achieved superior ratings for their performance. What an overwhelming experience! There was so much to take in in such a short time.
It's been about twenty years since I was "back East" as we say out here, and although I had been to NYC, D.C., and even up to Vermont, I had never been to Boston. I spent hours and hours in the Museum of Fine Arts, trying to see EVERYTHING and absorb as much as I possibly could. (I have a BFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design, a minor in Art History, and am working on MFA credits in Art History and Museum Studies, so I was definitely in my element.) I was finally compelled to leave when they cleared the museum in order to close up. WOW! I love art museums! They have some awesome Japanese woodblock prints there at the MFA Boston. Incredible to see them that close and to be one of the few who could understand and explain the process for making those beautiful images! And there were so many other magnificent
exhibits! Do I sound giddy? Well, ok, maybe there is just a touch of giddiness here...
I think I'm finally over the jetlag (we took the Red Eye out and back to save cash) and the U.S. switch to Daylight savings time on that weekend. And wouldn't you know it, I came down with a cold just after I returned. Fortunately, the school where I teach art was on Spring Break so I got a few extra days to recoup and catch up on projects and the 200+ emails that I haven't read for two weeks. It has been great catching up with Baren!
I have a couple of "me-toos" to add to the past few days' discussion:
1) I too have a Japanese 'toh' that has a double bevel. I bought it through a printmaking professor while in college. It looks like a traditional toh as far as I can tell, but it has two beveled edges which form almost a V. My professor indicated that it would work whether one was right or left handed, so would you call it an ambidextrous 'toh' ? I don't know. Yes, the hard steel goes down the center with the softer steel outside on the bevels. It is my favorite tool for carving. I have several other gouges and tools, and always end up going back to it. I keep it well honed between projects. Because it has held the edge so well, most of the time all I have to do is run it over the strop which has a minute amount of jeweler's rouge on it, and I'm good to go. Sadly, as I have used it now for so long, on so many
projects, and it has been honed between projects, the steel is wearing down, but I suppose that is to be expected after many years of use.
2) I confess I am one of those who has yet to shoo the roosters firmly out of the coop. My dogs are still waiting to be printed because, inspired by our postcard exchange with this group, I proposed and sponsored a similar exchange among my advanced art students, with whom I always do printmaking as part of our course work. We just finished coallating the exchange yesterday and made pocketed folders for the students to keep their postcards in. As is always the case with teenagers, there are some that really take the project seriously and give it the time and effort it needs, and then there are those who just do enough to get by :( I plan to post some of the best efforts in the next week or so, so that you can all get a look at the ripple effect Baren is having. At any rate, now that the Boston Fine Arts Tour and Conference are
over, and the class' Year of the Dog exchange is finished, I can get back to making prints of my own. As soon as the doggies are inked, I'll set them up with their companion birds, and fly them out of this cuckoo's nest.
Cutting and Printing in the beautiful, yet soggy and cool, Cache Valley---
Kristine Alder
Logan, UT
Art Educator/Printmaker/Book Artist/Graphic Design