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  1. [Baren 30451] Prints currently on exhibit.......... (slinders #
  2. [Baren 30452] Julio on causes and escapism/Who's afraid of the Woodblock Print? (Robin Morris)
  3. [Baren 30453] none themed exchanges are open to any subject you want.. (FurryPressII #
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Message 1
From: slinders #
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 19:08:05 -0600
Subject: [Baren 30451] Prints currently on exhibit..........
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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Abstract Impulse: Prints after 1950,
Through April 2, 2006

Davenport, Iowa

Grant Wood and Friends: Lithographs from the Collection
Mar 25, 2006-Jul 09, 2006

Iowa City, Iowa

Three powerful print shows!
American Prints and Drawings
Lasansky,The Nazi Drawings
Virginia A. Myers

North Carolina Museum of Art

Sordid and Sacred: The Beggars in Rembrandt's Etchings

Atlanta, Georgia

Printed Matter: Contemporary Works from Graphicstudio

Indianapolis, Indiana

Universal Limited Art Editions

New York City

Etching 1900 to Now

Portland, Oregon

From Anxiety to Ecstasy: Themes in German Expressionist Prints

San Diego, California
Horrors of War Prints from the Collection

Chicago, Illinois

Connoisseurship of Japanese Prints, Part II

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Message 2
From: Robin Morris
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 01:11:10 -0800
Subject: [Baren 30452] Julio on causes and escapism/Who's afraid of the Woodblock Print?
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Hi Julio,

I was following you right up to the last line- then suddenly I felt
you were speaking of printmaking as an escape- I thought for some
reason you were suggesting a rethinking of baren's apolitical
exchange policy. I will say here, without making any statement of my
own politics, that I feel baren has failed as a free speech mechanism
(ok, no one ever said it was one) because of a desire to "not upset"
a few of its
members. I wonder if even more members and former members are upset
that nothing with political content is allowed, at least as a theme.
I suggest there be a vote at some point in which members decide
whether to have a political exchange, and make it a simple majority.
If a majority of active would-be participants voted for an uncensored
political exchange, those that would rather not participate in it
could wait for the next one, and need not upset themselves by looking
at the prints when they are posted on the blog. The reason I suggest
this idea is that themes are used half the time, no theme the other
half...if one ignores politics today, one should also ignore
political prints. If one is interested, or very involved, one should
be free to speak out through one's medium. If the best chance one has
of distributing prints and collecting them is through the baren
forum exchanges, the political realities
of our times should be at least as important as generalized
suggestions of imagery categories. A nude exchange (prints of nudes
that is) suggests an open minded non-prudish uncensored look at human
A political theme would suggest a similarly unabashed look at the
beliefs of woodblock printers regarding the events of the day. I'm
glad bareners are not afraid (a majority of the voters) of the naked
body as each might portray it.
I don't believe a majority of voting bareners would be afraid of the
naked truth as each of us might portray it.

Has anyone suggested a VOTE on doing one political themed exchange
sometime? I have a feeling the naysayers might be counted on one
hand, maybe two, and those interested in sharing one heartfelt
political view, carved in wood and printed on paper, would constitute
more than an exchange list. Sorry to raise a tender subject now that
everyone (wait, not everyone, a VOTE was taken...hmmm) is happy with
nudes. My question is NOT: do a few folks at baren object to a
political exchange. Please don't answer that non-question. My
question IS: What active bareners would like to vote on whether a
political exchange should be arranged,
and who would argue that such a vote should not be held? It would
strengthen baren, and not weaken it, to allow free expression based
on majority rule. As it is a minority can pull the plug. Who's afraid
of the big,bad woodblock print?
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Message 3
From: FurryPressII #
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 07:04:20 EST
Subject: [Baren 30453] none themed exchanges are open to any subject you want..
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we had a political themed exchange there was one on 'war & peace' as
well as the 9-11 fireman's benefit were both poltical. no one ever said that
the subect of a print could not have a political nature. What was decided
that the subject of discussion on e-mail should stick to print making. And
related areas. All other discusion should be in the after 5 list.

john c
No print has ever been rejected in an exchange for its subject just for
maybe its size.