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Message 1
From: "Love Me"
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 00:37:23 +1000
Subject: [Baren 28081] Re Re Tokuriki
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Julio posted an excerpt about Tomikichiro Tokuriki from Oliver Statler's excellent book on Modern Japanese prints.
Tokuriki has also written a beautiful little handbook called Wood-Block Printing (1968, Colour Books). It is perhaps the simplest little book on making woodblock prints and yet my favourite. Easily available 2nd hand:
The foreword to this book got me started and I still find it inspiring:
"This book is for anyone with the desire to try wood-block printing. When you have read it, please select for yourself whatever degree of technique you are seeking.
If you have any further questions please visit me at my atlier or write to me. I shall be happy to reply".

Tokuriki prints can be seen in artelino archives:
I find them very beautiful in a modest way. I am a bit of a fan.

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Message 2
From: Mike Lyon
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 10:38:11 -0500
Subject: [Baren 28082] Re: paste
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Ian Millard wrote:
>Thanks for the info Mike. You are correct, their binders don't work all
>that well.
>Do you have a recommended rice paste? Is there much difference between
>brands? Is there anything else I should/could add to make the
>pigment/paste mixture thinner or thicker?

Well, Ian, I think all rice paste is pretty much the same stuff. Only
water is required for thinning...

I prefer to cook up my own paste and the best I've made is from Lineco
brand "Pure Rice Starch" for museum mounting (available at your local arts
and crafts store or from Daniel Smith on line). I cook up 1/4 cup at a
time. I mix two level teaspoons of the powdered starch with 1/4 cup of
water and, while stirring constantly (don't stop stirring for even half a
minute while heating or the paste will be 'lumpy' and difficult to use) for
the three or four minutes required to cook paste, I heat it in a very small
double boiler (the water in the outer pot is boiling over a hot plate and
the starch/water mixture is in the smaller pot which fits into the larger
pot). In a few minutes the paste becomes thick and creamy. If I'm going
to use it for more than a day, I add a couple squirts of formalin and stir
-- then let it cool, add water to taste and enjoy! Use a LITTLE BIT less
water to produce a thicker paste.

You can also buy prepared rice paste (usually thicker than what I cook up)
in tubes from baren mall, Daniel Smith, etc. It's just as good (but WAY
more expensive) and never spoils -- dilute it to the consistency of heavy
cream before using for hanga. I've also experimented with paste cooked up
(in the same way) from grocery-store rice flour and wheat flour, but these
are not as nice as rice-starch paste in my opinion -- they are not as
transparent and have many non-paste components.

Methyl cellulose (wallpaper paste) can be bought in powder form and mixed
cold according to the directions on the container -- it really takes
several days for the paste to 'even out' and I shake the heck out of it
every hour or two... Methyl cellulose works well, but it definitely
'feels' different than rice paste and doesn't seem to 'like' water quite as
much as the paste I cook up from starch paste... It doesn't mix on the
block quite the same way, either, but it seems to be very transparent and
strong and flexible and it gives good results, too. Methyl cellulose paste
is seems to be much less attractive to mold and insects, too, so prints
made with it might be a bit more durable when stored for long periods in
high humidity...

I've been printing about half the time with rice starch paste and about
half the time with methyl cellulose paste. I can't perceive any difference
in the finished prints.

-- Mike

Mike Lyon
Kansas City, Missouri
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Message 3
From: DADI #
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 11:41:15 EDT
Subject: [Baren 28083] Re: Re Re Tokuriki
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loveme wrote:
Easily available 2nd hand:

Thank you Tom for making this purchase absolutely hassle free!

Dale Phelps, Waterloo, IA
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Message 4
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 16:41:08 -0700
Subject: [Baren 28084] calligraphy
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Hey, all you calligraphers,

I have heard a rumor that there is going to be a meeting of some
international calligraphers' association here on Vancouver Island in 2006.
Does anyone have any more details or know where I can get such details???

Cheers ........ Charles