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  1. [Baren 26112] AW: New Member Intro ("Peter Petersen")
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From: "Peter Petersen"
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 20:34:17 +0200
Subject: [Baren 26112] AW: New Member Intro
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Gruezi from Switzerland,

i just joined Barenforum some days ago.
You are the first reaction of mine.

I very much like your first woodcut.
Are there mountains out in the desert with you.
I did some arts many years ago.
Then i worked out a company for portable displays.
Now i started to collect and to do woodcuts myself.

When my new homepage will be ready, i will give you notice.
It is just to far for a visit from Europe.
In December i will attend the show ART Basel Miami Beach.

If you are interested there is a Woodcut association in Switzerland.
(I am not member yet)

You will find a lot of different woodcuts from Swiss artists.

all the best for you further woodcuts

Peter Petersen
-----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----

Mathew Slick wrote:

> Hello Baren members! I joined a few weeks back and have enjoyed my daily
>dose of printmaking every morning when I read the posts.
> I have just returned to the woodcut after several years of not making much
>art. I had to force myself through the first block, but now that it is
>finished, I am already working on several more. The result can be seen here,
> I have really enjoyed looking at
>the prints other people have shared on this forum and hope y'all enjoy mine.
> On another note, are there any other members working in the northern
>Nevada desert? Its easy to get isolated out here and I would love to be in
>contact with some other printmakers.
> Keep up the good work, everyone.
> -Fadeproof Matthew Slick