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Message 1
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:06:05 -0700
Subject: [Baren 24931] op
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This came through my website, sounds interesting. Please reply directly
to the sender.

NAME - Rebekah Butler
MESSAGE - Dear Maria

Umbrella Studio is a contemporary arts organisation in North Queensland,
Australia. We are inviting artists working in digital and traditional
print media to participate in our biennial international print
exhibition and exchange, Compact Prints 2004.

Participants need to submit 2 prints from the same edition and a brief
artist statement (approx 50 words). One print will be exchanged with a
participating artist and the second will be displayed in a CD jewel case
as a part of the exhibition. Other than size, 12 x 12 cm, there is no
set theme or other restrictions. The aim of the project is to provide
artists with a forum to exchange work and ideas, as well as provide
the opportunity to exhibit in a contemporary art space.

Umbrella Studio will produce an interactive CD ROM catalogue which
includes each of the artists work and short statement. Each participant
will receive a copy of this together with their exchanged print at the
completion of the exhibition. Expressions of interest close Monday 31st
May 2004.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

kind regards


Maria Arango
Las Vegas Nevada USA
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Message 2
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:48:12 +0100
Subject: [Baren 24932] Harry's Hanga one
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Hello Folks,
Thanks for the comments and support with Hanga one
***Betty : I went like a bat out of hell with the Sutton bridge print to get a comparison with Baren Hanga and Letterpress and now reflecting at leisure you are right there must be some effect on the print block i.e water v oil . I'm sticking to separate blocks in future. The Cherry Lane was a photo, enhanced by edging software. I must mention this in future postings. Last week I was chatting to my friends of your interest in Haiku poetry thinking that it was a rather eastern esoteric artform...wrong.. everyone has known about it for years (except me, of course!) The artform is very popular and is part of the English literacy programme in many schools.
***Cary : I've been looking at your print for some time and like the simple background colour and clarity in the foreground, something that's missing in my latest print so I'm off to Cornwall next week with some new ideas of composition.Thanks for uploading it and more importantly having the courage to do a lurker! This is a cute American word that I had to look up in a dictionary. Maybe I'll find out what a semi -lurker or even a professional lurker is one day.
I think I must have been a lurker last year, but then I lost my status when I subscribed to Baren,
***Marilynn looking forward to your wave print from the beach. I watched the" The Great Wave of Hokusai" documentary on BBC2. It was fascinating to watch scientists prove that the "pyramidic" wave exists and was not in Hokuai's imagination.
I must go now to start cutting for my next Hanga, but my wife says it has to be the grass in the garden first of all!
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Message 3
From: Daniel Dew
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 08:58:04 -0400
Subject: [Baren 24933] Exchange #20
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Is it too late to order cases?

Daniel L. Dew
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Message 4
From: "cjpiers"
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 05:58:24 -0700
Subject: [Baren 24934] save the program (pass it on)
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Hi everybody,

Connie from Spokane here,

I got this email yesterday and thought I would pass it on for everyone to consider and hopefully respond to.

It is a letter sent to Print Arts Northwest from U.of W. to save the program.

Even if you never went to U.of W. they need to know the impact and importance of how printmaking has enriched your lives. Pass the letter on to anyone you might think could help.

Bareners Unite! :o)

This posting seems confusing when I look at it so to try and clarify...

The first note here is from PAN.

The second note is to PAN from Larry Sommers regarding the letter.

The third item is the letter describing the situation.


Dear Printmakers & Friends of Printmaking,

If anyone has not been involved in this letter-writing campaign to save the printmaking major at University of Washington, please do so. The next generation of printmakers needs your help!

Many thanks,

Print Arts Northwest/Northwest Print Council

Friends of Printmaking,

The Printmaking program at the University of Washington needs your
support in a time of difficulty. Please take a look at the attached letter
from Professor Shirley Scheier and forward it to anyone you feel could
help. Please accept my apologies if you have already received this letter. We are trying to contact everyone touched by the Printmaking Program.

Thank you,

-- Larry Sommers
Instructional Technician
School of Art
University of Washington

PAN-news mailing list

10 March 2004

Shirley Scheier

School of Art, Printmaking Program

University of Washington, Box 353440

Seattle, WA, 98195

Dear Friends and Alumni of the Printmaking Program,

The President of the student Printmaking Association, David Arfa, recently sent out an e-mail announcing that the Director of the School of Art has put a hold on new BFA and MFA majors for the upcoming year. This is in response to staffing issues, decreasing support for the arts at the University, uncertainties about the future of the printmaking program due to the assignment of faculty to teach freshman entry-level courses and to teach the Studio Arts Program in Rome.

The Print Program Staff and faculty have received endless numbers of

e-mail notes in return, asking us for information and just what can be done to help. NO decision has been made about the long-term status of the printmaking program, and any decision would result only from many discussions--with faculty, staff, and students--and a formal process.

I would be delighted if we can prevent a formal process from being set into motion, and we are taking action on an internal basis to resolve challenges presented.

The printmaking program is a curriculum that offers courses to the general arts major (Interdisciplinary Visual Arts), as well as an interrelated set of intermediate and advanced courses designed to inspire, challenge, and educated students who pursue a BFA in Printmaking. Due to the above noted lack of support for the arts, the Printmaking faculty cannot cover the necessary courses for students to pursue a BFA in Printmaking in the upcoming year. The faculty will teach introductory courses for the general arts majors.

We appreciate your expression of concern. Please, feel free to write a hard copy letter to the Dean of Arts, Dean Halleran regarding your concern

My suggestions are:

1.. State the reason you are writing
2.. Introduce yourself and how you are involved in printmaking and/or the arts. If you are not an alumnae, state your engagement with printmaking and/or the field of art. If you received a MFA or a BFA from the program and are actively engaged in your work, elaborate on these details. If you received a BFA and have gone on to graduate school, state those facts, including how many graduate schools you were accepted to, scholarships.
3.. Write about the importance of printmaking, historically and in contemporary terms, within the field of visual arts. If a former student, write about your education and the impact it had on your life. Refrain from critical remarks of the University or other programs at the School of Art. Refrain from suggestion for solutions to the problems.

Send your letters to:

Dean Michael Halleran

Divisional Dean for Arts and Humanities

Office of Arts and Sciences

67 Communications Bldg, Box 353765

University of Washington, Seattle, 98195

Snail mail/Hard copy is better than e-mail