Matt Brown had a large display of his prints and his printmaking process at the Sunapee Fair in August of this year.

Here are a few snaps and notes he sent in ...

Looking through items displayed on my carving bench you can see how my printing bench was located centrally so there was good traffic flow all around my work area.

The carving bench was located so folks could get a good look at how I go at the wood! Having the blocks laid out in various stages of completion went far in helping me to explain how I get them all to work together.

Here I am being 'interrupted' by a potential customer, or perhaps this woman is just taking a break from worrying about a present for her daughter-in-law and is just curious how 'the darn things are made'!

This photo shows one of my display panels in action.

This photo shows Nancy Jo working the sales counter. We worked hard to have things set up 'self-serve' so that Nancy Jo was able to spend most of the day right here at this spot, where she seemed to be quite comfortable and happy to watch things going on all around.

This photo shows the part I enjoyed best . . . interacting with kids. Sitting cross-legged at my low bench brings me right down to kid-level, the place where I seem to be most happy and comfortable!